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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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Alphomism is an attempt to provide a comprehensive theory of ‘everything’. It is not a religion but a belief system for the modern age which avoids jargon and leaps of faith. It has been devised by a single person but it draws considerably on the ideas of others. For context, some similar thought systems are outlined here.

The links and tabs (above) offer the first web exposition of the theory which was posted well over a decade ago.

‘Alphomism and Modern Science’ [pdf 474Kb], a downloadable paper, was added in 2008 to put the theory into a contemporary scientific context. The fundamentals of the theory are largely unchanged.

Something to Believe, a book version intended to make the theory accessible to the educated general reader, was produced in 2013. Again, the essence is retained but there are some important innovations which are indicated in a digest of the core argument in the book. The book version is available via Amazon.

There’s a short story version [pdf 165Kb] and also a what to say to children text available here and in the book. Some readers have found it useful to read the short story before addressing the main text. Contact: