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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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Alphomism is an attempt to provide a comprehensive theory of ‘everything’. It is not a religion but a belief system for the modern age which avoids jargon and leaps of faith. It has been devised by a single person but it draws heavily on the ideas of others.

‘Alphomism and Modern Science’ [pdf 474Kb], described by a very knowledgeable reader as ‘completely fascinating and original’, offers radical solutions to age-old problems. It does this via an interpretation of Alphomist theory in the light of quantum physics, cosmology, neuro-science and other disciplines. This downloadable version was added to the site in September 2008

There’s a short story version [pdf 165Kb] for those who are not technically minded and there are accounts of some similar thought systems [pdf 66Kb].