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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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The questions listed here are the ones which have most frequently been asked by people who have read, or heard an exposition of, Alphomism.

There are doubtless dozens more and a facility for raising issues is provided through the forum.

• Alpha/Omega – which came first?

• Can there be contact between Alphoma and Nature?

• Does the Alphoma/Nature cycle repeat itself?

• What information about the universe can be gathered purely from thinking?

• What sense can we make of ‘timelessness’?

• Why could there not have been unchanging happiness?

• What will the path to Omega be like?

• How will Alphoma be created?

• What will life in Alphoma be like?

• Could Earthly civilisation come to a sudden end?

• If the Earth is dispensable, what’s the point in struggling to advance?

• If Alphoma is inevitable, does this not mean that determinism is true?

• Is there such a thing as fate?

• What are the implications of fate for the theory of evolution?

• If free will is a real force, can there be social sciences?


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