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As with the Explanations section, the original list of predictions has been expanded as a result of the addition of the essay on modern science.

Section A

Some of the predictions arising from the modern science paper are:

1. Space and quantum properties

The apparent ‘endlessness’ of space will turn out to be the result of quantum properties.

2. The shape of space

It will transpire that effectively space is spheroidal, ie not ‘hyper-spherical;’ nor ‘saddle-shaped nor any other alternative. That is, an object projected in an un-obstructed ‘straight line’ would, like the equivalent on Earth and thanks to quantum properties, eventually return to the point of departure.

3. The role of dark energy

Dark energy will be found to be the repository of a low degree of consciousness which:

1. provides the ‘observer’ role which ensures existence
2. facilitates a ‘universal connectedness’
3. is the medium in which mental events take place
4. sustains the laws of nature
5. allows sufficient freedom from constraint for free will to operate
6. probably contains fragmented information from Alphoma

4. The significance of ‘familiar objects’

Objects much used by departed loved ones will be found to give comfort to the bereaved, an effect due to the ‘recording’ of a personal imprint and measurable via somatic data.

Section B

The original list of predictions is as follows:

 • There are no things that are not made of energy

 • There are no souls nor spirits.

 • There are two categories of sub-atomic events which are not predictable by scientific methods. A ‘strong’ set will be associated with the operation of natural laws and a ‘weak’ set will create tendencies.

 • Brain events associated with willed activity will be physically unforced.

 • Brains engaging in willed activity will show a net gain of energy.

 • Genetic material will be found to contain information derived from Alpha.

 • Energy is changed slightly but positively whenever it is subjected to willed creative activity.

 • Subtle forces emanate from the brains of conscious beings and these are capable of; a) acting over long distances and b) having an effect on physical objects.

 • The brain’s subtle forces are enhanced by belief in them and by humans gathering with a common purpose.

 • People who have a high ratio of other-regarding actions to self-regarding actions are happier than those who focus on self.

 • There are other self-conscious beings in the universe who are, in the essentials of thought, like us.



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