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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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Some people claim that there are phenomena which are somehow above nature and which are therefore to a degree mysterious.

Alphomism does not allow of anything which is ultimately beyond our understanding. It is tempting, therefore, to dismiss all supposedly supernatural phenomena as illusions or delusions. But there is too much personal experience, and too long a tradition of belief in such phenomena, for them to be lightly brushed aside.

Very probably, many supposedly ‘supernatural’ events are real. They are natural, but they are ‘super’ in the sense that they are exciting and indicative that there are many more things in the mental world than are generally dreamt of in more prosaic systems of thought.

Speculative attempts to account for some of these phenomena are given here.    • God
   • Ghosts
   • Neardeath
   • Soul/spirit
   • Grace/prayer
   • Meditation
   • Ritual
   • Faith healing
   • Veneration


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