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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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Morality comes into play when a general rule of behaviour conflicts with current desires. I want to steal the money but I know I ought not to is an example. In most societies, the moral rules have a religious origin but in Alphomism there is no higher power to deliver the tablets of stone.

It might seem that, without a god to dictate how we should behave, everyone can be free to pursue their own immediate interests regardless of general rules. But if Alphomism is true, then immediate self-interest is not the only, nor even the major, consideration. The creation of Alphoma will bring self-fulfilment far beyond anything achievable in Nature. It therefore makes sense for individuals to do what they can to further the process of Alphoma-creation.

Yet an individual might still argue that Alphoma is going to happen anyway and that therefore there is nothing to be said against a life of immediate gratification.

There are two arguments against this. Firstly, our successors who designed the system built into it an element we call conscience. This ensures that we cannot be happy unless we are taking at least some account of the general process. A strong Alphomist prediction is that, when we have discovered more sophisticated ways of measuring brain processes, it will become clear that those who ignore the general interest are less happy than those who give it a measure of priority.

Secondly, although there will be no question of crude retribution following the pre-Alphoma resurrection, we will all have to go through a process of preparation. Those who have failed to develop love for others during their lifetimes will have a harder time in training for Alphoma than those who are already in the loving mode. Alphomism suggests that we can minimise our post-resurrection discomfort by making ourselves as Alphoma-worthy as possible during our life times.

This entails the development of a healthy level of self-esteem as well as a comprehensive love for others. As far as self-love is concerned, it is important to note that by properly loving ourselves we make it easier for others to love us and therefore we increase the total of love in the universe.

In pursuit of the goals of satisfying conscience and preparing ourselves for Alphoma, therefore, Alphomism generates two moral imperatives.

It might seem that a morality based on the pursuit of long term happiness is one rooted in selfishness but ultimately there is no escape from this kind of selfishness and indeed there is nothing wrong with it.


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