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Why we have fleeting thoughts of bliss and dread

Many people have fragmentary tastes of the purest happiness. Many more, sadly, suffer from feelings of deep foreboding.

Both are ‘memories’. No individual experienced the explosion of the primal atom but the fact of that disintegration is written into the causal history of the universe. To a small extent we ‘know’ of the heat, the darkness and the disintegration. The whole truth about the universe is contained within the fragments.

By the same token, we ‘know’ vaguely about the state of perfect peace. Whenever an individual experiences either of the extremes they are tuning into small fragments of data about the history of the universe.

The dread, which the ‘memory’ of the explosion generates, comes because the historical place and function of that event are not immediately understood. It can be ameliorated by reminding ourselves that although the hellish fires burned they did not hurt any individual and indeed they are a necessary phase of the evolutionary process.



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