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Why people seem to be able to communicate over distance using only their minds

There seems to be evidence that under certain conditions people can communicate without the need for sight, sound or touch. The phenomenon seems to be associated with peoples who have not been much involved in the development of scientific ways of thinking. There is also evidence that animals pick up signals of which most humans have not the slightest inkling. For example, dogs start to prepare for their owner’s return long before the actual arrival. Regardless of routines, they seem to sense the start of the return process.

There is, according to Alphomism, nothing mystical about this. Brains are electrical devices. Weak electro-magnetic fields surrounding the heads of conscious beings can be photographed. It is very likely that some creatures, especially those whose lives are relatively uncluttered and who experience comparatively little ‘noise’ from the outside world, can pick up ideas over long distances. There is no difference in principle between this and the process of radio broadcasts, the only factor is one of sensitivity.

If, as seems to be the case, subtle long-distance perception is possible we face the interesting task of discovering the workings of the transmitter and receptor mechanisms and of identifying the subtle forces.



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