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What people sometimes seem to be able to remember former lives

Some people claim to have existed previously. They often cite reincarnation or a migration of souls as a loose explanation of the phenomenon.

In everyday parlance, two factors define ‘a person’, their physical form and their mental attributes. Presumably, nobody who claims to have existed previously suggests that there has been a physical continuance; the assertion is made on the basis of mental phenomena. Those who claim a previous existence apparently have an array of memories relating to a former life or lives.

For the Alphomist, the most likely explanation of the ‘former lives’ phenomenon, if it is real, is similar to the account as to how some people have access to scientific and artistic insights. Everything that was in Alphoma before the explosion is within the universe in fragmented form. The information, whether it be in the form of a brilliant idea or an array of memories, comes from a felicitous rearrangement of energy.

The same explanation can be used for cases where people feel unexpectedly ‘at home’ or have powerful déjà vu experiences.



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