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  What your eyes cant see (Scott)
Posted: 27/4/2003
If no living creature existed

If there was no consciousness anyware to be aware of it surroundings, such as the universe

would it exist?

If nothing knew it was there would it exist?

The answer is yes

If a tree falls and no ones hears it, does it make a sound

The answer is yes

Just because you do not witness an event it does not cancel out the event

So another question is if that is the case what things DO exist that we do not know about, maybe we can not see them, hear them or touch them but perhaps still they exist

I wonder what they are?

  Re: What your eyes cant see (Richard)
Posted: 29/4/2003
Surely, Scott, there are zillions of things in the universe that are actually unperceived but it's a big, and in my view futile, step to suggest that because there are things that are not, as a matter of fact, observed there might be other things that are essentially unobservable. I see no metaphysical point in speculating about 'totally unobservable' objects because they can never have any effect on us (if ever they did have an effect, they would no longer be unobservable).

The only way we know that something exists is by perceiving it or some of its effects. It's an entirely different matter in the realms of creativity, of course. Stories about dragons can be very convincing but we'll continue to conclude that such creatures don't actually exist until one pops up somewhere.



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