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  Long held beliefs (Richard)
Posted: 30/4/2003
Long held beliefs

One of the predictions from the Alphomist account of the universe is that long and widely held beliefs very often, perhaps always, contain substantial elements of truth. At first glance a rational, scientific person might exclude the idea of Adam and Eve from this claim. Yet in 1987 Rebecca Cann, of the University of California in Berkeley, examined the mitochondrial genes which humans inherit from their mothers and showed that the female line can be traced to a single woman who lived in Africa roughly 200,000 years ago. Humans had existed for much more than twice this length of time but, for reasons we know not, there was a bottleneck and apparently we all stem ultimately from this Eve who perhaps lived in a safe place that might have seemed like Paradise. It doesn’t make the religious account of Adam and Eve entirely true but it suggests that there is a good factual basis for some of the story.



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