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  Hmm-Problems that need explained archangel_legeon
Posted: 20/5/2002
I don't guess any of you guys have had modern physics...I may be a hick, but I am also a nuclear engineering with some experiance in theory. I don't see a single thing (mind you I only briefly thumbed through the site) that explains such concepts as dark matter (that makes up approx 99% of our Universe), anti-matter, or the fact that matter and energy are interchangable (the reason for seem to have equated space and is the canvas for the is in essence nothing). Also, your theories seem to me to smack of an old train of thought that errupted as the official "religeon" of socialism, marxism, and communism (I'm speaking of Aethism). Although I say it resembles aethism, it seems to do something a true aethist would never do...that is put a metaphysical aspect on life.
At any rate, your theory of a thinking energy (some kind of Universal Thinking "Atom") is very bizzare. Energy does not think, it only is. However, Einstein gave us this beautiful thing...E=mc^2. And for you that may not actually understand this equation let me...E=energy, m=mass, c=the universal speed of light (in vacuum). First point, the theory of the conservation of energy...that is you can neither create nor destroy energy...only convert it to another form. Second point, the theory of the conservation of mass...You can neither create nor destroy can convert it though. Here is something you may want to incorporate into your new "religeon" (which is what you are doing, saying that it is a way of thought only makes it sound like some kind of wierd cult)... So energy is equal to mass through Einsteins E=mc^2, and mass can we are doing it now. Anywho, your ideas of the Big Bang theory intrugues me some...but remmember that the state of beginning of the Big Bang theory is so very unstable that it did not last any measureable amount of time. This is thought of by us religeous modern engineers as the "fingerprint of god". Being that since it was unstable for the origin of the big bang to exist, then it should not have formed and thus we should not be here. You can trust me when I say that if something is unstable it will not form (or at least form and last for any measurable time) example is fission of Uranium 235. The equation is thus: 235U + n = 236U**=X+Y+2n+gamma+energy, where X and Y are fission products. Since it is unstable for 236U to exist it immediately (and note I SAY IMMEDIATELY) explodes in fission to produce more neutrons, fission fragments, gamma rays, and energy (in the form of heat)...this also demonstrates Einsteins E=mc^2.

Pleasure spouting truths,
Archangel Legeon

(btw the name is a paradox...legeon is the name of a demon in the new testament of the bible, not an arch angel)
  Re: Hmm-Problems that need explained (Richard)
Posted: 30/5/2002
Archangel Legeon (great name!) – many thanks for your comments. You have hit one nail firmly on the head when you suggest that Alphomism is a form of atheism with metaphysics! I found your contribution interesting and encouraging. I make the following observations. (1). Alphomism does not attempt to deal with the particular workings of the universe (dark matter and so forth) because it is a metaphysical theory, not a physical one. It is very much ‘beyond physics’ (though not, of course, in any hierarchical sense). (2). I’m no nuclear physicist but I have a moderate knowledge of science and indeed am familiar with Einstein’s equation and the convertibility of mass and energy. (3). The one point you make on which I would take serious issue is the one about space and energy being confused. There is no such confusion in Alphomism. They are presented as the two ultimate, irreducible concepts, totally distinct from each other, with energy operating (as you suggest) in the ‘nothing’ background we call space. (4). No claim is made that ‘energy thinks’. The suggestion is that complex arrangements of energy, which have shape and mass, are capable of thought – hence energy is the substratum for matter and also for the subjective world. The claim is that, prior to the Big Bang, energy was in its most complex arrangement, maximally producing mental activity and minimally devoted to physical activity. (5). It is imponderable as to whether the Alphoma state lasts almost no time or a significant time but for Alphomism it does not matter. The important claim is that the mental aspect of Alphoma is timeless (ie there is no physical discontinuity). I hope that I have answered at least some of your ‘problems that need to be explained’ but do come back to me if not! Richard.
  Re: Hmm-Problems that need explained archangel_legeon
Posted: 31/5/2002
Thanks for the response, you've given me something to think on. However, the big bang thoery involves dark matter, anti-matter, real matter, and energy. This is why I was wondering how Alphomism dealt with such matters.

  Re: Hmm-Problems that need explained (Evan Poncelet)
Posted: 17/6/2005
Hey, I'm Just a sophomore Computer/Electrical engineer, but I've gone through enough calculus classes, physics classes and nova episodes to feel rather battle hardened when it comes to physics. I just wanted to toss this out there. If you don't like it you can send it right back, but I think that the entrophy and the organized energy that is mentioned in Alphomism (I just read the premises today)is somewhat related to the dark matter of which the universe is roomered to be mostly comprized. Entrophy and organization being the two components of an on going reaction which takes place in the test tube of our universe seem not to be continually going from one extreme back to the other as alphomism asserts but from one initial set of conditions (which is subject to all theory) to equilibrium in both directions where things are 50% organized and 50% chaotic.

Antimater, specifically it's qualities of having unfriendly reactions with matter and it's ultramassive qualities suggest that it is a tool of chaos. Ultramass and it's abundancy suggests a role in creating or fueling black holes which are the blenders of the universe. It's explosive reactions with matter suggest it's continual creation of explosions and thus entrophy at the borders between matter and antimatter.

The opposing forces to the increasing chaos of the universe, from my perspective are life or the behaviors of living organisms which alter physical reality. It seems as though the tendancies of living things to create, collect, organize, and by other means tenaciously continue their existancies is the reverse reaction to chaos.
  Re: Hmm-Problems that need explained Richard
Posted: 17/6/2005

Many thanks for your very thoughtful comment.

My guess is that you are much more qualified than I am to speculate about the processes involving the interactions of the various forms of energy, however I agree absolutely with your conclusion which (I think!) suggests that it is the expansion of consciousnes, and the considered actions of conscious beings, which militate against chaos.

I must confess, though, that I couldn't go along with the following:

'Entrophy and organization being the two components of an on going reaction which takes place in the test tube of our universe seem not to be continually going from one extreme back to the other as alphomism asserts but from one initial set of conditions (which is subject to all theory) to equilibrium in both directions where things are 50% organized and 50% chaotic.'

'Test tube' suggests an experiment and I would like to ask; whose experiment?' Further, I didn't undertand the phrase 'which is subject to all theory' nor did I understand the concept of 'equilibrium in both directions'. I find it hard to believe that the universe was '50% organised' immediately after the Big Bang. Where was this 50%?

All the best,


  Re: Hmm-Problems that need explained
Posted: 5/4/2007
Wow...I googled myself and came up with this message board 2 years after posting. This is kind of like finding a time machine, so I'll leave one more post for future generations...or until your webhosting company pulls the juice. The testube is just my way of refering to our universe as an isolated event. The initial conditions could be,for example, just that a fraction of the infinite fabric of randomized energy that we now observe through analysis of the primary forces, lowered it's energy state for a fraction of a moment. Releasing a photon of mass, what we now know as all matter in the universe, which then exploded and is seemingly eternally expanding with no external forces to stop it...but which may or may not at some point be gravitationally attracted back to the ultramasive center of the universe by "organized" or law-following internal forces, foreign to the fabric of energy the universe was once a part of. The beginning, middle and end of a self sustaining and self contained reaction struggling for equillibrium. Which might have begun as something else entirely foreign to our current scientific hypothesis...

So.. at one point in time things might have been different and our universe is just a bubble in a vacuum that now operates off of it's own new/ancient forces. Initital conditions = it's first formation. the equilibrium is where I think it's going to. if we had PROOF that the universe was going to at some point collapse. Than we'd have PROOF of the big bang theory... but since we have no mathematical or logical proof of that... It might just be safe to say.. as the universe expands so must life and organization through synthesis of molecules from heterogenous elements.


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