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  beginnings Joanna
Posted: 23/5/2002
I am 53 yrs. old.
I have never had a name for my beliefs.
Until today, that is, when I jumped on-line in search of something interesting and 'inspirational' as an opening reading at my church-based small ministry group that meets bi-weekly.
Our topic this evening is to be "the meaning of life". So, with a smile on my face, that is what I typed into the search field.
After wandering through various sites - most largely with a Christian influence - TA DA!! there was Alphomism.

Since clearly I'm not as alone as I thought - none of us really are, are we :) - please share with me the origins of the belief system.
Not the name, itself; that I can figure out. But how long has it been articulated and named? Will I find a greater exploration of it in New Age readings, etc.?

While I always knew I wasn't nuts, I have always wondered why I just didn't seem to 'get' it; why I could never really make sense of what has always seemed so sensibly possible to others whom I consider much more thoughtful and brighter than I: belief in a 'creator', someone whom I should worship, some kind of grand 'plan', etc.

I have found a very comfortable spiritual 'home' in my Unitarian Universalist church, but will now add a fascinating new place to explore in Alphomism.
(I hope I won't have 'virtual, "egg on my face"' to learn that the spiritual name of Alphomism always been there, had I only broadened my literary horizons.)

Thank you for the joy you have given me today.
I will watch for you (all of you; how many of 'you' are there?) to enlighten me.

  Re: beginnings (Richard)
Posted: 30/5/2002
Joanna, Many thanks for your most encouraging comments. No, you have not missed anything in the literature and neither, I think, will you yet find anything in New Age publications about Alphomism. If you go to the introductory page of the web site and click on ‘single person’ you will see some bits of information about me, the originator, and about the process which led to Alphomism. There is no organisation. I have no way of knowing how many have found the ideas useful. but I’m very delighted that you have! Although Alphomism is not a religion, you will see, in the detail of the site, that there is nothing to prevent people meeting to discuss the ideas and maybe even devising ceremonies or taking part in activities to make the world a more loving place. It is intended to be entirely democratic; folk can do their own thing but of course if people stray very far from this particular set of beliefs, they should find another name! I would be most interested to hear from anybody who has found Alphomism useful or who has worked out something better. Richard.
  Re: beginnings Richard Y.
Posted: 14/7/2002
Tonight (actually this morning) I was telling others that cell life mirrors life in our own universe. That the nucleus, like the sun, provides the ultimate source of living organisms. That the membrane of a cell, like the edges of own biosphere and universe, shapes the cell's form. That there are other universes out there, one like own own and within the others, there is life, living organisms that breed, communicate, and interact, just as humans, dogs, fish, amoeba do. Oh, BTW, I tried clicking on single person earlier, and I was unable to access that link. How far from the edge of our biosphere is the edge of our universe's membrane? How densely populated do you think we are in relation to a neighboring "membrane"? Thanks.
  Re: beginnings (Aubrey)
Posted: 24/7/2002
Funny, I found this site when I typed in "the meaning of life" as well. Id also like to add, this site has given me so much more insight to life, I am very glad I found it. A lot of things have changed. I dont feel so bound with this whole beleife system. It covers everything, there is a back up for a back up, I love it. The logic behind it, is actually quite simple to grasp. Id say its actually easier to understand and realize the interpretations of life held in this web site, than trying to comprehend whats going on on a religious basis.


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