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  Richard Rhia
Posted: 30/7/2005
Quick Note: the 'economic' link is down. ""

Anyway, I had to push back my beliefs studies report on Alphomism as I had study to work on. Now that I have submitted the study I am back to look at this belief system.

I was hoping you could tell me a bit more about the Alphomistic view of suicide.
I have read the information given on this site.
Alphomism holds that we should do what we can in the drive towards the creation of Alphoma. The universal process depends upon billions of individuals striving to reach the common end. There is, therefore, a general injunction to keep going. Each individual can make a contribution.

However, there are circumstances where it is reasonable for an individual to opt out. There are some people for whom the attainment of a reasonable degree of self love seems impossible. Whilst those around such people should do everything reasonable to help, there must always be respect for the decision of someone who finds the battle intolerable.

The same applies to those in acute, persistent physical pain."

Can you expand on this?
Thank you.
  Re: Richard Richard
Posted: 16/8/2005

Thanks for your message. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier - I have been away on holiday.

There's not a lot more I can say about the suicide issue. The nub of it is surely that everyone ultimately has the right to decide whether or not to go on living but that anyone contemplating suicide should (as with all actions) consider the effect their premature death will have on other people. Sometimes people kill themselves because they believe, rightly or wrongly, that that's what other people want (for example - a 'cared for' person might feel that they are a burden to others). The much more difficult dilemma, of course, comes when the potential suicide knows that some other people are going to be dreadfully hurt but there must surely be circumstances where that 'hurt to others' is outweighed by prolonged personal suffering.

Generally the potential suicide will be drawing up a balance sheet of effects. Prolonged personal misery and a belief that there is no other escape from this state can lead to the sincere belief that the person has nothing positive to offer and that 'the world will be a better place' without them. However, as the section you quote indicates, there is surely a moral obligation on us to befriend potential suicides, always allowing that their right to self-elimination is totally respected.

Hope this helps and that you are successful in your studies.



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