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  The Dead Should Shut Up Unless They have Something To Say! (digita1_angel)
Posted: 15/6/2002
We are already dead, It is only after you understand and accept the fact that you are already dead, that you can ever truly live. It doesn't matter how afraid we are of something or embarrassed because your already dead, what is the worst that can happen? Live life to the fullest taking in every moment of every day or before you know it life has passed you by. We decided to be born for the love of life, we wanted to live and love. The meaning of life is to be happy, plain and simple, so simple its complicated. We are all connected, we are all the same, we come from the same life force which we can call life and or death. Plants and animals are from the same life force, even if you kill an animal you are killing a piece of you. I am you and you are me. Just for the record, I am not a hippie or a religious weirdo I just think allot, too much. I have allot of other ideas but I just wanted to put this out there for people to think about. -e
  Re: The Dead Should Shut Up Unless They have Something To Say! (Richard)
Posted: 17/6/2002
Digital Angel (I seem to be collecting angels on this site!) – many thanks for your message. I found some of what you wrote confusing (you seem to have a love of paradox as well as of life!) but I agree that we are all connected and that we all come from the one source (in my terms, Alphoma). I would be very interested to hear of some of the ‘other ideas’ to which you refer. All the best, Richard.
  Re: The Dead Should Shut Up Unless They have Something To Say! Sergeant Paul Devlin
Posted: 22/9/2002
There seems to be a dichotomy of terms in Angel's lexicon; she appears to switch back and forth between the use of "death" and "life" as the primal force when in fact neither of them are; they are simply terms invented by the human life forms here on earth. Notice that I use the term "life forms" because if we were truly death forms then we simply would not be. For to be or not to be, that is the question. Whether tis nobler...err, wrong soliloquy. Anyway, apparently Mac had it right. There is a fine line of distinction between being and non-being, actually one should say between non-being and being and then non-being again. And is that not the true beauty of death, that release from this state of being in order to return to non-being. And don't mistake non-being for nothingness which is a true vacuum. The state of non=being is just as viable and alive as being - even more so. For in the state of being we are constantly being reminded of our mortality, shortcomings, aches and pains, etc. while in the state of non-being we are virtually immortal and without pain and stress, etc. And is this not then the true spiritual state from which our immortal souls sprang forth in order for our mortal forms to become enlivened with that virtual life force of the immortal soul. Think about it. With death of the human life form the immortal soul returns from whence it came and enjoys once again that complete state of non-being or non-existence in any material form whatsoever. And once again enjoying that true oneness and completeness the immortal soul is truly able to exist in that elevated state of non-existence similar to that embraced and enjoyed by the uncaused cause of all matter and non-matter. And so I close with these words from the immoral bawd: "In hoc propter ergo sum; ars gratia artis; in hoc signo vinces; e unum pluribus." Keep your mouth closed and your anal sphincter muscle open and you will live a longer and a healthier life.
  Re: The Dead Should Shut Up Unless They have Something To Say! (Jack)
Posted: 10/5/2003
Angel, you may well have something there, but it does need refining so that dull monads like me can get my head around it.
You seem to be espousing some form of hedonism. If so, we must remember that one person's pleasure may well be another person's pain (John Stuart Mill's 'pleasures in kind'); and surely the fundamental aim of any philosophy must be to reduce human suffering and damage to our planet. These two ills can only increase if humans (though not all of them) are allowed to persue the things which they consider pleasurable.
I hope that makes sense.
  Re: The Dead Should Shut Up Unless They have Something To Say! (Steven McNay)
Posted: 8/1/2004
I just had to comment on this. So please, be patient as I try to express how I feel about things. Alphomism, this site is very interesting as it is "a belief system, without god or religion" etc. Now when someone sees this sight for the first time, if it wasn't for that statement people like me, non-religious people immediately begin questioning whether there's religion working in the background. Thankfully there isn't, and luckilly I've heard a few theories on metaphysics from other people.

Now what to make of everything if you can get your head around it? Some people can take in everything, some people can't. I think it's brilliant that some people can open up their minds to energy that goes beyond out world and into space itself. But this site covers something so special, so natural and important, I think it needs to expand so people can get an overall perspective of it, in layman's term so to speak. Methaphysics is a complex understanding and I don't pretend to understand it all, but I do believe in it. It makes sense where as religon makes misery. There are a few things that I do disagree with that are referenced on this site, such as, I still can't understand whether Alphomism accepts that human's have souls and spirits. I believe this, even though I'm not religious. Nature, I think has an entity for everything, including each human and nature controls us but through our sub-conscious we can control nature, only to certain extents, and look where that has got us! :)

I could be wrong, but who's to say I am? I believe in metaphysics to a degree but I think metaphysics is an expanse of so much that it is impossible to document just 'what is' is and 'why' we're here. Which brings me to my feelings about digita1_angel's comments. I feel that we are dying from the minute we are born and as an individual we are the ones that can make the most of our own lifes or let nature and fate whatever they are take control of it for us. Ok I know I must be contradicting some things on this site and some metaphysical boundaries have probably been crossed with religious beliefs, but as an individual it's nice to be free enough to think how I feel and make the most of a life I never asked for. We are all out of control of the world, but our own life's are something we can control. We are dead to a degree if we don't think and create. We were never asked to be born, we don't have control of the world, nature I think is in control in some ways, but our individual selves, our sub-conscious entity whatever it may be, is what makes us all individual.

I agree with what digita1_angel has written, life is such a complicated thing that even trying to explain one strand of it, whatever it may be is massive in it's explanation and theories.

I just want people to know that I'm not a mad religious preacher or anything like that, just a happy creative human being that want's to comment on things that have been said in this message.
  Re: The Dead Should Shut Up Unless They have Something To Say! (Richard)
Posted: 12/1/2004
Steve, Many thanks for your comments. You are right that there is no hidden religious agenda behind Alphomism. The idea, as you suggest, is to get away from dogma. And that's why I prefer explanations which don't involve souls and spirits. There are many mysterious phenomena and I'm sure that we have vast amounts yet to discover but it seems to me that these currently mysterious things can eventually be explained without having to invent entities which are themselves mysterious. If souls exist, in what form and space do they exist? Are they aggregations of energy that inhabit bodies from birth and then leave on death? What are they made of? Where do they come from? Why do the experiments which try to prove the physical existence of souls fail to detect them? Surely it's preferable to stick with what we know. All those centuries ago Occam said that, when forming explanations, we shouldn't include more factors than are strictly necessary. I think that 'the soul' is a redundant concept. We don't need it for our explanations and if we do insist on sticking with it, then that's another thing in need of an explanation. But, I agree absolutely that everyone has the right to work out whatever combination of concepts and beliefs works for them. I prefer not to use 'soul' but if it works for you, so be it! I'm just glad that you took the trouble to comment and to advance your views. Thank you.


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