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  How about chaos scientific theory Don
Posted: 12/6/2003
Science says that the universe is going deeper and deeper into chaos and alphomism says that it is moving from chaos to order. Reconcile!
  Re: How about chaos scientific theory (Richard)
Posted: 16/6/2003
Don, Many thanks for your comment. I’ll do my best to provide the requested ‘reconciliation’ between Alphomism and chaos theory.

I suppose the best starting point is the established fact that energy is neither created nor destroyed in any physical transaction but merely transformed from one type to another. With each transformation, physical energy becomes less available (entropy). Alphomism agrees that if the universe were a purely physical entity then eventually the clock would run down until there is no more usable energy. (Incidentally, I find it a bit odd to think of this supposed inert soup as ‘chaos’ – it seems more like a deadness to me - but that’s not very important).

Alphomism deals with this entropic view by introducing the mental element. It is proposed that energy has two aspects. In its physical manifestation (heat transfer, wind, earthquakes, electricity generation etc etc etc) it follows deterministic laws and in every transaction the availability of useable energy decreases. However, the claim is that whenever energy is involved in mental activity (thinking, emoting, creating etc etc etc) it has at least the potential to increase its availability. We speak of ‘making an effort of will’ and of ‘creating’ thoughts, works of art and so forth. The crucial, testable, prediction is that eventually we will discover that there are brain events which, from a physical viewpoint, seem to happen ‘at random’. In Alphomism there is no such thing as randomness (except in a very limited, and in this context unimportant, sense). Everything that happens is caused, either by a physical, deterministic force, or by an effort of will. Alphomism holds that the universe is like a factory which is gradually converting a primarily physical state of affairs into a primarily mental one. In so doing, it is counter-entropic. I have made an attempt to express the idea diagrammatically:

The ‘two’ manifestations of Alphoma, pre and post time, are effectively one and the same because they are identical and timeless. In Alphoma, the proportion of physical activity is at a minimum and the proportion of mental activity at a maximum. When the Big Bang happens, the amount of energy devoted to mental activity plunges almost to zero whilst the amount of energy devoted to physical activity shoots dramatically to the maximum. Thereafter, the physical/mental balance changes in the way I have roughly suggested. My guess is that, as in many things in science and art, the crucial descriptive lines are S-shaped.

Note that I suggest that mental-related energy drops ‘almost’ to zero, and not actually to zero, because I think that the apparently ‘random’ sub-atomic events which seem to happen are, in fact, a manifestation of something like a ‘general will’ – an idea that has persisted in many forms – which propels the evolutionary process forward rather than allowing chaos to reign.

I think it’s worth noting that the Alphomist view in this context as in many others, provides a reconciliation of its own. Evolutionists and Creationists do battle with each other but both have elements of the truth. As with all ideas which have persisted and which are held by many people, they both have huge significance. However, it is important to register that from an Alphomist perspective, Creationism has nothing to do with ‘god; it is our super-conscious successors who will create/have created the process.

I have inserted an extremely speculative ‘now’ line on the diagram. I think we must be at a relatively early stage of the conversion process. At a very far distant time our successors will complete the task, setting up the residual physical ‘soup’ but this, far from being either chaotic or dead, will be the substratum for the most intense and complex mental activity in which we will all blissfully share.

One powerful indicator in favour of the Alphomist view is that it is (I believe) impossible to think of a satisfactory general theory which accounts for a ‘chaotic’ universe. If the picture is purely physical, how did the Big Bang happen? what will happen to the ultimate inert soup? and what place is there for mental events which undeniably exist and which seem to be increasing in scope as evolution progresses?

I hope this ‘reconciliation’ works! It does for me.

All the best,


  Re: How about chaos scientific theory Don
Posted: 17/6/2003
I will contemplate on the explanation. Hope you have patience it can take a while before a technical reply can be afforded. It does have elements of truths though just like the others.
  Re: How about chaos scientific theory (Richard)
Posted: 17/6/2003
Thanks for that. No hurry! I look forward to reading your thoughts in due course. All the best.
  Re: How about chaos scientific theory david
Posted: 20/6/2003
Got a simpler idea.

Inanimate matter moves from order to chaos (if you leave you house long enough without repairs it'll fall about down your ears) but life is the force which create order from chaos - an example of this is your own body.

If you follow that logic it's a bit stupid that we demolish the natural world and all it's life forms in order to build our industrial society... which if it is not constantly maintained with enourmous amounts of energy will fall apart in a matter of a few years. Human beings are so clever they are stupid.
  Re: How about chaos scientific theory Anne
Posted: 28/1/2006
I had a thought. How do psychic abilities and prerecognitive
thought play into a chaotic theory? Wouldn't that be part of
chaos if an individual's 'small' action unwittingly changed a
sequence of events based on a 'gut feeling?' of something tha-
t hadn't happened yet or they weren't for sure would happen a-
t all? The thought came to mind while watching a television p-
rogram on psychics, or how is it possible for the human mind
to have prerecognitions of the possible future sequence of th-
ings? Would it be the individual picking up on the 'energy' or
the sequence of events and the dynamics and complexity of it
giving off energy if there are two possible outcomes for it?
  Re: How about chaos scientific theory Richard
Posted: 8/3/2006

Sorry it has taken me so very long to respond to your comment, for which many thanks. Too much to do and too little time..

Your question about precognition (etc) and chaos theory is interesting but I leave it to some exponent of the chaos approach to provide the answer. As you perhaps saw from the section on this site which deals with 'supernatural' phenomena, Alphomism can do a reasonably good, though of course speculative, job of explanation. The hypothesis that everything was known in Alpha and that all information is conveyed by energy in a fragmented way is one approach but it is also very likely that humans communicate in subtle ways which one day science will detect.

One of the reasons that I took so long to respond is that,along with many other things unconnected with this site, I'm working on a book version of the theory which, when it's ready, I will provide in PDF format. There are not likely to be radical changes in the basic arguments but I hope that they will be better expressed. It's an interesting exercise for me to re-work the theory in this way but mostly I'm enjoyong the challenge.

Thanks again for taking an interest.



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