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  not sure about democracy... david
Posted: 20/6/2003
I'm not sure that democracy really is the best way of distributing power!

If the majority rules - then a thousand fools in agreement do not make a wise man, and all it means in our society is the majority get to do what they like where the minority can say what they like while being unable to do anything about it. Well it took 100 years since the first bra was burned didn't it?

What power you got to change the world? A single vote. Great lets use it wisely... lib dems, conservatives, labour, or if you are a yank.. democrats or republicans... missed a few but made my point.

Well anyway in my tweeny little universe I think that eventually the minority will eventually get quite upset and start a revolution and if they spill enough blood then they can become the majority quite a simple way of adjusting the balance of power don't you think?

I think the problem is that nobody can agree on what reality is. Everyone is different and different cultures even think differently.

Well let's educate everyone! It's even better if we brainwash them from birth with our idealogies. (whether they want to be educated or not)... well now we got foreigners running everything in britan great but I want an english gp. Someone I relate to. Sorry I am not racist in any way that is the last thing someone can describe me as but seeing as it's important to communicate symptoms 'n that I want someone who I can establish a rapport with. Maybe if I went to India I could get an english doctor.

Oh yes that's democracy too... free speech innit? But I'm in the minority. So you can listen to me complaining 'cos you can't keep everyone happy all of the time nor can you even keep some of 'em happy all of the time. But the best thing about it democracy is... I don't have to figure it all out 'cos George Bush is in charge.
  Re: not sure about democracy... david
Posted: 20/6/2003
Right... need to be unique so no-one takes the credit for my witty ideas... pinch my nickname and be cursed... Strangeknight pops to mind for amusing reasons that would be hard to explain... but unique to me... you may have noticed I have got a sense of humour...

But anyway - back to democracy. how about this? The local council wants to build a road right next to your house, it's going to be one of the busiest roads in the country. You get to be "consulted" (we are building a road right next to your house and there is nothing you can do about it - you are 1 person there are millions of motorists). This is the bit where you are in the minority, can say what you like but can't do anything about it. Have that experience much in life? (just about everything you want to turn your hand to... democracy was there first).

The property is now worth just 3/4 of what it was. You use your home as equity for finance for a variety of business ventures... and the road is not even built yet... it's just being planned. So you fight in court before a brick is laid. Spend hundreds of thousands on legal fees. It has no effect on the scheme you spend all that money to find out you haven't got a leg to stand on. But one day a councillor leaves and the council abandons the scheme.

Saw that on the telly. So you have to leave your lovely home to the recievers and go and live your retirement on housing benefits and social security. Well compensation of sorts... but compared to your wonderful 6 bed house in the country a 1 bed flat in birmingham is small consolation.

That's the end of the story.


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