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  hallucinogenic drugs (chicken wing)
Posted: 23/6/2002
i was just wondering what you think of the use of drugs like marijuana and psylocybin for expanding your mind. i have come up with a lot of the same theories that i read on this page while i was using these drugs before i ever heard of or saw this web page. since these drugs come from the earth i believe in their benefits for our minds. just wondering what you thought...
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs digita1_angel
Posted: 24/6/2002
Isn't it weird how I can eat a mushroom and come up with the same ideas someone else has had, who I dont even know?! This happens all the time. I believe the answers to the secrets are in mushrooms and other plants that produce this same reaction. I dont think weed produces these type of thoughts, personaly. So what to you is the meaning of life having eaten the mushrooms? did you think about that? Was it the same conclusion I came too?
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs (chicken wing)
Posted: 27/6/2002
well i dont know exactly what your conclusions about life are, but i do think marijuana produces the same effects...maybe it just depends on the person and the way they think naturally. all i can say is that it helped me to realize that everything is energy, we are the spawn of the earth's energy which is the spawn of a bigger energy. the earth IS our mother and the whole universe is alive. when i ate mushrooms the deep revolations i had were that i had a deep understanding of what it felt like to be a mushroom and i was able to free myself from time a little more. i would be interested in knowing of others experiences and thoughts..
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs digita1_angel
Posted: 27/6/2002
I believe that mushrooms hold the key to allot of questions we have about life and death and the purpose of our existence. I plan on eating more mushrooms and recording the experience so I wont forget the ideas I come up with or the questions I answer. Here in Florida the weather is almost perfect for shrooming. I would really like to do this in a more clinical since, as kind of an experiment. I believe mushrooms can help us reach the universal consciousness where all of the answers are kept. I also believe that we can tap into this without the use of stimulants, but we have been taught to think and act a certain way and that conditioning makes it difficult to experience the universal consciousness without shrooms.
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs (Violet)
Posted: 24/7/2002
Heh, I find it funny reading these things about, "Mushrooms holding the key to life". Id just like to know what you are trying to say, things as simple as mushrooms, can "hold the meaning of life", or just ideas in general? Either way, Id like to state that Im confused, but also, try not to get too confused yourself.(While reading this)

But, as far as drug use and "solving puzzles" to my own standards at least, Im thinking because your mind is in such an odd state, your digging more into your sub conscience, or just deeper into personal thoughts,beliefes, and emotions, and expanding more ideas, but not recieving totally new ideas from the drug itself. Which is why I wrote this in the first place. Do you actually think these drugs are feeding you secrets? Or just causing the thought process to erupt, and later be made into sense?
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs (chicken wing)
Posted: 31/7/2002
i really dont believe mushrooms or any drug "hold the key to life", i just think they expand your brain in a way, your consciousness, they lead to different thinking patterns, so it is your own brain coming up with the ideas, not the drug giving them to you. so yes i guess they help you tap into your subconciuos (note: im not the best speller) but i also think it depends a lot on the individual. im not an expert on the issue, i can only talk from experience and i know that since i started smoking weed the way i think has changed a great deal, dont know if its a good or bad thing...
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs (Grizzlyofkodiak)
Posted: 28/4/2003
I have had a similar experiance. I first smoked marijuana just before my graduation from university. I twas a critical time of life entering the real world and all that. First i just use to go sleep when i smoked then i began to think differently mmy perception widen and things began to change. that was two years ago. when i first smoked i enjoyed it so much i thought i had answer to every question but when i went out try to put my theories into practice i failed miserbaly. from then on smoking was never the same i use to get paranoid i felt week and some how got trapped into depression, started hyperventilating and became so self concious. I dunno what happened to me or why it happned maybe u all can help me understand? however, i remember the times when i smoked all day and had all those dreams life was wonderfull and the things i became aware of at that time. i tapped into my sub consceinceness and looked back at life anyways i have alot to say but i will stop here for now its been 6 months since i last had a spliff i stopped becos marijuana was keeping me trapped into my depression
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs (Jack)
Posted: 10/5/2003
Chickenwing, be very careful. Hallucinogenic drugs can lead you a very long way from the 'here and now'to such an extent that you may never come back. It is the conscious world we have to deal with.

Yes, there are many substances provided by Mother Earth which give the impression that we are expanding our minds. The truth however, is the pleasure they impart causes us to withdraw from reality and renders our lucid times painful and difficult to deal with. This effect escalates until we either stop their use, or die from an overdose, or some other consequence of their effect. They have never provided (and never will) any sort of answer to our existence; whereas deep thought/meditation/prayer can.
In a nutshell: listen to Grizzly, the previous poster.
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs Don
Posted: 12/6/2003
Jack try not narrow the topis to much to fit your world. Not everyone is living in your world so a little consideration is humble enough.
  Re: hallucinogenic drugs Jack
Posted: 7/10/2003
Don, it was 'consideration' which prompted me to reply on this thread, and my comments are not intended as judgemental.
Its just that I believe (from my own, and friends experience's of both natural and synthetic substances) we can delude ourselves to a dangerous degree. I think Violet pretty much says what I meant. Also,I wholeheartedly agree with digita1_angel's comment : "I also believe that we can tap into this without the use of stimulants"; so do I, and thats where meditation is useful.
I hope I've explained myself in a humble way without further narrowing the topic.


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