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  Religious pollutant Just_4_Yew
Posted: 7/9/2006
Can the Alphomism Belief System stand in broadcasts of radio channel?

Now recently the occult of a Priest magik decided to lay the influence of "his god" claiming under his religious experience that he with understanding of mental projection and millipulation could distribute a product that will undoubtable disturb me during life of breathe but during passing as well.

And being a man that had two clinical death experiences has broadend my horizens to afterlife care and so on.

Despite the recent signal bombardment of christian faith and possible damage to my optical nerves and to the conclusion my very own belief system i've been apart of since childhood of Nonreligious;

Will Alphomism hold, or will I be forced to exept christianity pollution in the air waves to be forced to adopt there views since radio/light techniques of scientology have grossly been placed in an attempt to allow brainwashing or human mind control on a religious level.

With all this on a playing table, and considerable attempts to interpret these views I am too what... allow discrimination of my belief system, and allow mental thought light or neuro receptors be tingled and tricked even offer a viewing of a fabric essence of the so called jesus spirit with multitudes of Order based establisments embedded and in full working order of distributation.

Last I checked Jesus was the angel of redemption and not god.

  Re: Religious pollutant Richard
Posted: 8/9/2006

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm not sure that I entirely understand all of your message but I think the essence of your question is whether Alphomism might be subject to some kind of corruption from an array of outside influences.

I trust not! As perhaps you are aware, it is not a religion but a system of belief with a commitment to logic and science. Because it relies on reason rather than dogma it should be impervious to any kind of bombardment that is not itself logical and scientific.

I gather that you are not of any religious persuasion but that you are worried about the power of religious organisations. Maybe if you could take a rational belief system on board (not necessarily Alphomism of course) some of the anxiety might go away.

You say that you have had two near-death experiences. I'm sure that these were harrowing, and I'm sorry about that, but it sounds as though you derived some insights from them. I hope that these help you to overcome what seems like an intense fear of interference.In any case, think that the organisations you refer to probably have a lot less power than you seem to allow them.

Whatever course you choose, good luck!


  Re: Religious pollutant (Jesse Garnett)
Posted: 6/3/2007
If I understand your question (and comments), there is so much that is being passed on as "Christian" today on radio/tv that Christ would not recognise. There are a few but very few because the masses do not want to hear the truth. As the line in the movis goes, "You can't handle the truth!" Because Truth is very simple! Yashua (Jesus) said, "I am Truth". He was called Emmanuel, which means God with us. That is a Hebrew word with the ending "El" meaning Eloyhim or Divinity wrapped in humanity.
Have you ever considered where this world came from? Scientist will tell you that particles drifting in space collided and there was a big bang and out of that explosion came order.
Number one, where did space come from? Where did the particles come from? If you throw a stick of dynomite into a junk yard, will you create a new car? I don't think so.
But Moses, writing in Genesis 1:1 said, In beginning the creation, Eloyhim created space and matter. And out of that matter He formed the planets. The Bible also tells us that the earth was of one land mass but then it seperated. It also tells us that Yahovah (God) spead out the heavens like a scroll. It also tells us that were are wonderfully and fearfully made and given a choice as to whether we will return the love that He has shown to us. That is why He came to earth in the form of man to pay the penalty of our unbelief that we might have freedom end experience all that He has created us to be.
Are we an accident of evolution or is their intelligent design? Just think of your vision for a moment! How do you see? Tiny rods at the back of your eyeball receive light and send an image to your brain that intrepets and gives you a picture. Who figured that out?
Stop and think, there is only one logical conclusion! Believe on the Lord Yashua the Annointed and you will be saved!
  Re: Religious pollutant Kal
Posted: 22/6/2007
Browsing through the forum pages, I noticed reference to 'Near Death' experience. I have some experienced some 'Near Death Experiences'.
I am not being facetious but the term does need defining. In the common understanding it seems to me, it means those occasions when someone relates some strange or mystical memory associated with being under an anaesthetic, or having been in a state of unconsciousness subsequent to some physical trauma. Say a car accident or somesuch. Of course being shot at by a gunman is also a near death experience if the bullet snaps past ones head. In such a cast that could be described has 'harrowing'. It is I can truly say.
The 'mystical', near death stories often revolve around being outside of ones own body. As a diffident observer . Or perhaps , 'lights',tunnels, and/or ethereal singing voices etc. Yours truly's experience under anaesthetic during major heart surgery, was rather farcical. Suspended somewhere near the ceiling looking down on the proceedings, one had a view of the surgical crew at work, a surgeon and a nurse were talking 'dirty', a ghetto blaster was playing somewhere. The thing that sticks in the mind most is that from ones vantage point it was obvious, that whoever had cleaned the operating theatre, had done a shabby job. there were dirty dust streaks on the top of the casing holding the bright theatre lights. It seemed real then and it seems real now. In any case I feel different about life now than I used to. I am also happy.
  Re: Religious pollutant Kal
Posted: 22/6/2007
So if the eyeball was engineered by God the circular argument is that to engineer a wonder like a seeing the engineer must be a god.

Well, John Logie Baird constructed the first TV camera that actually transmitted Vision via radio waves. It went on air in London just prior to World War 2.

Perhaps he stole the idea from God.
Have you actually read Genesis ?
  Re: Religious pollutant Kal
Posted: 22/6/2007
If one is raised in say a Christian environment, it is difficult to think about gods, religions etc., because ones points of reference are those planted in one brain as a child. One of these ideas is the idea of a beginning and an end. Α & Ω. Well that's fine for an alphabet.
For the Cosmos? Maybe not. Why does there have to be a Beginning or why does there have to be an End. If the Cosmos is Infinite, that means what it says. No start, no finish, no time. no reason.
Humankind is, therefore of no consequence in the Cosmos. Humankind is of interest only to Humankind. Love one another, because it is a sound survival trait. The mind that looks to Mystical Saviours, is the mind of a child. Why do followers of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions insist that everyone else is wrong. "Because it is written" they will reply.
Well so were the tales of Uncle Remus, but only children under 4 think they are true stories.
One should however continue to think on these matters. Who knows there may be an answer. Optimism is another survival trait.
Στο καλό.


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