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  Irony n coincidence (Jack )
Posted: 15/2/2007
Not a bad theoory but I think mine using memes to explain the paranormal works pretty durn good.

Irony and memes

Hi there, my IRONY OF THE UNIVERSE book length manuscript is online. After a prolonged bout with one publisher that expressed interest but no action, I have self published the beast via . So you can order a hard or soft bound book ($28 or $18 ), here for the hardback

and here for the paperback

Alternatively, you can download it for $10 which is five pounds sterling, the price of a London pint. It has a wrong aol email on the inside page currently, which I will change eventually, and there are undoubtedly typos, misspelling and inaccuracies in the text, but the main gist of my thoughts and arguments and evidence is all there. So all the best, and keep the meme flag flying high.



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