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  Death and memories Jedi420
Posted: 11/8/2003
At a bunch of places where I listen to people (in the real world and electronic), people always speak of a soul. I have a fleeting theory that something of ourselves exists not in this physical realm, but more to the point, I do NOT believe that any of your inherent memories belong to that soul.
Your body, which is a transient thing, houses your mind. I believe it impossible (or very rare) to actually percieve ones soul, so even when we think of do things with our "heart of hearts", its still the mind functioning on some level and not the soul.
When your body dies, everything stored withing that body is given back to the universe, and PERHAPS, your soul moves on to another realm of existence. HOWEVER, in no capacity do I believe that things like memories and emotions, which are the spawn of the human body, carry on with your spirit (soul, aiua, etc.). So then, the interesting question is .... how much of us is just biological slop and what part is the real essence.
In Alphomism, it is stated that every sentient individual who has ever existed shall exist in the sigular atom (i forget the exact term), but how much of that being will you recognize without their personalites and memories of you. And by the same token, how much of something could YOU recognize without the function of your brain to recall actual memories of that person?
I have no answers to any of these, of course, but I find it a very interesting train of thought. It makes one really wonder what "kind" of existence, if any, waits for us past the death of our physical bodies.


As a circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkness around it. - Albert Einstein
  Re: Death and memories (Richard)
Posted: 12/8/2003
Many thanks for your thoughtful comments. As you have probably gathered from the site, I have no place in my particular metaphysical system for 'souls'. I know of no satisfactory definition of the term, nor of any evidence that such entities exist. But, as far as individual existence in Alphoma is concerned, I think that some version of our brains will be re-created, not as flesh and blood but certainly as aggregations of organised energy. And for each indivudal the particular organisation will encompass all memories, personality quirks and so forth. The Alphoma experiences will be 'virtual', safe, controllable, blissful but they will seem utterly 'real'. We will be able to experience whatever we choose to experience and understand whatever we wish to understand.

  Re: Death and memories (skamdippy17)
Posted: 31/1/2004
I am new to this site. Richard,I am curious how you have the idea that there continues to be individuation (my faulty term) after reunion or submersion with the Whole. What might cause the individual traits to be stored together rather than being subsumed by the whole? or transmuted to another purpose? What do you think about reincarnation? I am a seeker always, lately it seems more urgent, as I have a serious cancer problem in my midtruck and am trying mind over matter and practical medicine and measures as well. The cancer actually left all in one day a year and a half before. Recently, it returned. I actually found this site as I put "healing chants" in the search engine and up it came. I was thinking about trying to contact the higherself for healing and guidance and was thinking about the universal languages of beauty, of music and mathematics and wondering if the sincerity and power of a good chant would help bring about the connection for healing.
  Re: Death and memories (Richardf)
Posted: 2/2/2004
Dear Skamdippy,
Many thanks for your very moving message. I am really sorry to hear about your cancer. I am sure that the body has great resources for healing and that it is right to give the system the optimum chance through reducing stress and constantly reinforcing the belief that we can at least influence physical processes through the exercise of the mind. I know people for whom chanting provides great power and solace. I hope that you soon find the method that works for you.
Concerning your interesting questions, my responses are as follows:
1. I don’t think that there is such a thing as recurring reincarnation. In fact I have great difficulty in understanding what the idea means. It seems that some people do have memories of ‘former lives’ but most of us don’t and I think that these ‘former life’ memories, if they are real, can be explained better by the hypothesis that the genetic material which we all inherit from our parents contains fragments of information which comes originally from Alphoma (the primal atom which preceded the Big Bang). This sounds a bit far-fetched, I know, but it fits with all the rest of the theory and at least one day science will be able to test to see if it is true. I think that the apparent memories of former lives comes from the same general source as do inspirations and ‘brainwaves’ We all have masses and masses of inherited data in the unconscious parts of our brains. Every now and then stuff comes into consciousness. Incidentally, I think it is excellent that you are turning to music and the like becasue, in my view, the arts express, imprecisely but very, very powerfully, some of the deeper truths about the universe. They are like blurred sketch maps – giving hints rather than hard facts but nonetheless changing the ways in which we think. The more open-minded we can be with our attitude to the arts the more powerful we become.
2. As you have probably gathered from the site, I believe that when we die we cease to exist but we are all part of the great ‘re-creation’ which will be brought about by our successors at the end of the temporal phase of the universe. Because we cease to exist at the moment of death (apart from the body, of course, but this soon goes) we have no sense of time. There is no ‘waiting’ for the moment of re-creation. Death is followed by ‘instant’ new life. And I think that the creators of the end state of the universe (Omega which, with the beginning state, Alpha creates the timeless ‘Alphoma’) will have to include every individual because a) if they don’t Alphoma would not contain everything in the universe and b) they will need all the individual wills to generate the power to sustain Alphoma. In any case, since love is the force which will bind Alphoma, our successors will very much want to include all those who have experienced the often painful rigors of the evolutionary phase of the universe. As for the notion that our successors would somehow ‘use’ our mental material to create just one being, who would that being be? And why should they when, as the mystics over the centuries have discovered, every one of us will be able to have total power?
Of course, I have no final proof of all this – Alphomism is only a theory but it is a powerful theory and, I think, something very like it must be true. There has to be life after death and there has to be a benign end. It all fits. It is right, I think, to face death with optimism. (So many people who have had near death experiences tell of incipient feelings of peace and joy – as I suggest in the web site, they have had a brief inkling of Alphoma) But it is also right to do what you are doing, to do everything you can to overcome, or at least postpone, the effects of illness. Every positive (ie life-affirming, loving, creative) act helps the process of the universe from chaos to order. We can all contribute and I’m sure that you are doing so.
In the fullest sense, I wish you well.
  Re: Death and memories (Ender)
Posted: 21/4/2004
I think Jedi Has Copied Orson Scott Card pertaining to your aiua. His copyrighted books, Xenocide and Children of the Mind, Show that he has that idea.


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