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  Alphoma etc. Sergeant Paul Devlin
Posted: 11/9/2002
I find this entire site to be one of sufficient detritus to provide more than enough nitrates and nitrites to fertilize most if not all of the arible land in the British Isles. It is a shame that someone with such creative writing skills is not a playwright when there is such a cryind need for new material on the world's stages. Why, I can just see it all now, Alphomaman enters stage right with his bodkin akilter after having just returned from plundering hither and yon because it is necessary to return to the primal atom. Yeah, right. The only primal atom any of us is going to return to is in the soil when we go for the eternal dirt nap. Get real.
  Re: Alphoma etc. (Trinka)
Posted: 16/9/2002
Oh Captain! Ur intuitive acumen is functioning remarkably well. I'd say some enterprising and less creative person than myself is gleaning material from this site just for the purpose of feeding the starving proletariat. The entertainment industry!

Everyone knows the most creative persons that ever existed weren't followers of established practices. Anyone can do that! Genius is found within all expressions which signify/indicate awe, wonder and always the road less travelled.

I can write a screenplay with my eyes shut. I'd much rather create, direct or engineer collective consciousness. Conquering it was so much fun!

  Re: Alphoma etc. (Richard)
Posted: 22/9/2002
Paul. I gather from the above comment, but more so from your e-mail, that my credentials for tackling the ‘question of the uncaused cause’ do not impress you! So be it! I guess this is why you think it not worthwhile to address the arguments which, as I’m sure you have detected, are designed not to answer the ‘uncaused cause’ question but to suggest that there is an inherent contradiction in the supposed question which renders it meaningless. If you want a more obviously academic approach on this topic than mine, you might like to have a look at ‘The Consolation of Ontology; On the Substantial and Nonsubstantial Models’ written by a Czech philosopher called Egon Bondy, available in English translation by an American professor called Benjamin B. Page. It’s published by Lexington Books who have offices at 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland 20706 USA and at 12, Hid’s Copse Road, Oxford OX2 9JJ, England, UK. Incidentally, Bondy would have approved of my attempt at an account, regardless of its merits or my credentials. He writes, ‘I personally believe that “ignoramibus” as a principle, is the greatest absurdity; although simple and pleasant, ignoramibus has gnosiological and, even more, ontological consequences so far-reaching that they change our reality into a madhouse. Moreover, from the purely practical, i.e. sociohistorical viewpoint, ignoramibus can lead us straight to the grave. Postulating even the most fantastic thesis is a thousand times greater a contribution to human knowledge, to human research, as well as to social and productive practice, to human existence and to the future, than is the most elegantly drafted principle of ignoramibus.’


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