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  Live lovingly, live longer.... (Richard)
Posted: 17/11/2002

Research reported in the UK’s Sunday Observer newspaper on the 17th November 2002 strongly suggests that loving others has significant personal survival value. One study shows that older men with a mistrustful and angry personality are more at risk of heart failure than are people who smoke and drink. Another investigation establishes that older people who are helpful to others are 60% more likely to outlive those who are miserable and self-centred. Hostility, it transpires, is a better predictor of heart disease than physical factors such as high cholesterol.

Alphomism makes a distinction between ‘self-regarding’ and ‘other-regarding’ selfishness, the latter being known as ‘unselfishness’ in everyday parlance. It seems that a degree of unselfishness (that is, the loving of others) not only drives the progress towards Omega, it also enhances individual survival – a felicitous arrangement! Richard.


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