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  Parallel Universes and String Theory (Richard)
Posted: 15/3/2004
In the UK’s Independent newspaper of the 12th of March 2004 there was a generally very positive review by Peter Coles, professor of astrophysics at the UK’s Nottingham University, of a work by Brian Greene called ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos: space, time and the texture of reality’. The book is mainly about the search for a deterministic ‘Theory of Everything’ – a quest which, I read recently, Stephen Hawking seems to have lately, and sensibly, given up.
According to Coles’ review of his book, Greene thinks that a comprehensive account, known as ‘M-Theory’ is almost within reach. M-Theory is an effort to reconcile Einstein’s general relativity with quantum mechanics and is a development of the relatively recent ‘string theory’ (which suggests that, at its most fundamental level, energy is not manifested in charged particles, as quantum mechanics implies, but in ‘extended one-dimensional objects known as strings’). However, Coles writes that if M-Theory is to work, it requires there to be more dimensions than the three of space and the one of time. Coles goes on to say; ‘Every time I think about these superfluous dimensions I have a vision of Occam angrily sharpening his razor.’ In the ensuing paragraph he writes; ‘Another problem with M-Theory is that there isn’t a shred of experimental evidence for it.’ Coles dismisses the notion that M-Theory reveals the true texture of reality, commenting; ‘How can something be “true” and “real” if it can’t be tested?’
Alphomism predicts that no deterministic theory of the universe will be discovered, strongly supports the use of Occam’s razor and agrees that theories which cannot be tested under any circumstances have no relevance. Free will and the mental aspect of the universe are just as real as determinism and the objective. Any account which focuses exclusively on the ‘outer’ and which excludes free will is doomed to failure.
  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory (maikel annaley)
Posted: 3/5/2004
your belief system i have just encountered. it is a valid one; but it is not as simple as occam knows it to be.
would you please check my understanding of your points.
firstly, that hawking(formerly) and greene(still) seek a deterministic theory of everything.
second, that according to coles, proof of being "true"and "real", must be tested by experimental evidence.
third, while you "agree that theories that cannot be tested under any circumstances have no relevance." yet these "circumstances" should allow/include "freewill and the mental aspect of the universe."
if so, please describe how.
if not, please clarify.
maikel .
  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory (Richard)
Posted: 7/5/2004
Many thanks for your comment. I'll do my best to answer your queries.
Yes, I do think that there are still, despite Hawking's defection, plenty of people who believe that the universe is mechanistic and that one day we will be able to account for every event and be able to predict the future precisely. This, as you will have gathered, is not my position. Clearly there are many 'physically determined' elements in the universe but there are, I believe, also many aspects which could never be accounted for by citing physical causes. Acts of will, I suggest, are themselves causes. To the nero-scientist the underlying physical transactions in the brain will seem like 'spontaneous' events just as some sub-atomic movements seem to be.
Yes, I do believe in the scientific process and thus support the attempts to find causal explanations and to test these explanations rigorously against what we perceive to be reality. The fact that I think that there are limits as to what is amenable to causal explanation doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to complete the picture.
On the third point, I think that theories (like Alphomism) which include free will can be tested. Indeed, the prediction that there will be brain events which seem to be 'spontaneous', and which therefore cannot be explained by citing physical causes, is testable. Of course, it involves 'proving a negative' and no doubt there will be people who will continue to claim that physical causes will eventually be found but in the end we have to adopt the theory that works best. If, after a few more centuries of science, there are no predictive micro-explanations of will-type mental activity then it will be reasonable to accept 'the will' as a cause and explanation in itself. We know what 'will' is because we experience it directly.
Hope this helps!
Thanks again,

  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory Hogan
Posted: 28/3/2005
there is no way to account for every thing or to pedict the future if all of that is possible then, what would be the point if everything was predecided? am i correct in that? is that what you are saying? can you clear this up for me?
  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory Richard
Posted: 29/3/2005

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, I believe in free will which means that I don't think that everything that happens is 'predecided'. We have choices and the scope for making choices will increase as the amount of consciousness in the universe expands.

However, I believe that everything that happens has consequences. Thus, the free actions which we take are part of the causal chain which our very distant successors will use to produce an utterly accurate map of history. This map will be used in the process of re-creation. I believe also that the ultimate outcome of all the individual choices is a positive one (even though many individual choices are negative). This is because if the story were not positive overall (ie if the total effect was destructive) there could not be a universe.

In summary - conscious beings do have choices but once the choices are made they, and their consequences, become a fixed part of history.

I hope this helps but please do let me know if I still haven't made my point of view clear.


  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory Hogan
Posted: 31/3/2005
so in other words history repeats itself right? so in the end we will end up doing the same things? (if there is such a thing as reincarnation) we will make the same mistakes and choose the same paths? is this right (or in the parrallel universe? we will repeat? or does the parallell universe have the same time line as ours?)? i find all of this very interesting and id like for this forum to become something bigger so if i come upon anymore questions then i will post them on here. if you dont mind answering them? ill try to stay on this forum so i can keep up with every thing here. or if you have a question id like to try and take a stab at it. of course it will be a dumbed down answer because i am still a mere child. thank you for answering my last question. and sorry for running on like this.
  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory Richard
Posted: 2/4/2005

Many thanks for your comment. And yes, please, keep the questions coming; the more debate the better as far as I am concerned.

Concerning the idea that the cycle of the universe endlessly repeats itself, my response is as follows.

If the repeats are identical to each other, then I don't see the point. We would have no no way of distinguishing Cycle Number 2347 from Cycle Number 82456 or whatever. It needs only one cycle to establish the universe (we need Alphoma and we need the evolutionary process and these are enough). So, no, I don't think that the idea of endless identical repetitions makes much sense, nor is it necessary.

There is, of course, the possibility of an indefinite number of different cycles but until there is some evidence to suggest that this is the case then there is little point in speculating about it. However, it is theoretically possible that the system goes on pulsating but this would not imply individual reincarnation, nor would it involve 'parallel universes'. The cycles would not be parallel but sequential. In fact, I have great difficulty in assigning any meaning to the ideas of personal reincarnation and parallel universes.

Hope this helps.


  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory Hogan
Posted: 2/4/2005
but what i mean is as long as the earth lasts, when humanity runs out, once the humans die off. Would it all start over, meaning would the evolutionary process begin again? would it all start over? what if anything can prevent it? can it stop? i mean it would be an endless cycle. is that how it is?
  Re: Parallel Universes and String Theory Richard
Posted: 11/4/2005

In my view it's not just about the Earth and its humans but about all the consciousness in the universe. The cycle goes from the Big Bang to the (predicted) re-integration of all energy. My suggestion is that the amount of consciousness in the universe will gradually increase from the minimum just after the primal explosion to a maximum as re-integration takes place at the end of time. The Earth and its humans may 'disappear', having played their part in the evolutionary process,(they also may not) but overall, conscious beings will take ever greater charge of the process. And, as I said in the earlier reply; until further evidence emerges, there's no need to suggest that there is more than one complete cycle because one is sufficient. Of course, if evidence does emerge that there is more than one cycle then so be it but until it does so, there's no need for us to worry about that.


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