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  is this Alphamism? Tom
Posted: 16/1/2003
I remember that someone once told my a quote that seems to relate to this theory of Alphamism. I am only paraphrasing this, but this is what I remember of it: after someone asked him what he thought paradise would be like he said - I don't believe in paradise, because without suffering, there can be no compassion, and without this, there can be no paradise.

would this be Alphamism?
  Re: is this Alphamism? Richard
Posted: 19/1/2003
Thanks for taking the time to comment.
As you suggest, the quotation which you cite does have some relevance to Alphomism but the conclusion, that Paradise cannot exist, is not an Alphomist one. In fact, according to Alphomism, the beginning and end state of the Universe (Alphoma) is a Paradise which we all enjoy. The inevitable suffering takes place in the temporal, evolutionary phase which we are enjoying (enduring?) now. It is sufficient for suffering and compassion to have existed once upon a time - Paradise can live off the memory so to speak.
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