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  a closely related book by a Czech poet-philosopher (ben page)
Posted: 12/4/2002

I want to call your attention to a recently published translation of a book--THE CONSOLATION OF ONTOLOGY--by Czech poet-philosopher EGON BONDY (Zbynek Fiser, PhD). Bondy develops a monistic, nonsubstantial understanding of the nature of reality as self-creating. He critiques some asspects of Hindu thought but is close to Hinduism--as it seems you are--in terms of "cosmogenesis". I am sure the book will be of interest to people who check your site. I know I would like very much to see a review by someone from your audience. Originally published by the Czechoslovak Academy of Science in 1967 it was republished in Prague, 1999. The attached notice will give a bit more information.

The author was one of the founding members of the Prague's dialogue between religion and Marxism in the sixties, at which time he also published the only book on Buddha to appear during the communist period. All of his other work--numerous volumes of poetry novels, essays, and plays, and book length explorations of Chinese, Indian, and Western philosophy (the last three for the underground university for children of post-68 dissidents)--circulated initially in samizdat; it has all been gathered and published since 1989. For his philosophy, Bondy has been described as a Diogenes figure in modern Czech thought; for his poetry he has long been known as "the bard of the underground", his place being roughly like that of Allen Ginsberg in this country. (For a short time--in his fifties--he became an underground rock singer, when the group Plastic People of the Universe started using his lyrics and then he himself.)

An example of Bondy's thinking may be found in his contribution to an anthology I edited back in 1993, on Marxism and Spirituality. I will be happy to send any further information or to have the publisher send a review copy of THE CONSOLATION..., and look forward to hearing from you.
Benjamin B. Page
Box 163 Quinnipiac University
Hamden, Conn., 06518
  Re: a closely related book by a Czech poet-philosopher (Richard)
Posted: 18/4/2002
Ben, Many thanks for the information about the books. Interesting! I'll be in touch. Richard.


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