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  Atlantis = Alphoma? (Richard)
Posted: 26/4/2002
Atlantis = Alphoma? According to a British Sunday newspaper, a leading authority on mythology, Alan F. Alford, claims that Plato’s idea of Atlantis was a metaphor for the Big Bang. He writes, ‘The loss of Atlantis was meant to signify a totally profound event – the cataclysm of all cataclysms that disrupted the universe at the beginning of all time.’ Alford proposes that Plato was referring to a planetary crash but it is reasonable to suggest that the Greek philosopher intuited, however dimly, the idea of Alphoma. This, of course, ties in strongly with his view that learning is remembering as expounded on this site.
  Re: Atlantis = Alphoma? (Trinka)
Posted: 11/9/2002
Alphoma? I gather persons posting upon this forum are Alphomamosts? I am an Omegaist which as you may well be aware is the latter conjunction of Alpha and Omega. I'd rather not engage in debate over this insight, however I beleive persons are either born Alphamosts or Omegaist. It seems people who tend towards choosing vocabulary such as cow, chicken or Big Bang in order to pepper their concepts with are definitely Alphomas by nature.

That said I think Richard may be on the proverbial right track when comparing Plato's Atlantis with that of Hawke's Big Bank theory. To be sure they were both cataclysmic events especially for the earth. Loosing one's Atlantis usally is especially given the high probability that those concepts (Big Bang) involved with the Big Bang theory usually coincide with losses such as are classically indicated as well as demonstrated within the disappearance of Atlantis.

Without going on at length I wish only to say that perhaps it isn't so much about being an Alphomamost or even an Omegaist as it is about the melding of said precepts into a workable balance so that both can simultaneously co-exist. I think the most important measure or indicator of Omegaist is their superior creativity as well as there ability to go within to the secret place of the most high and co-join with the inner voice via telepathy. What are some of the indicators operating within Alphomamosts?


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