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  We are not alone (Richard)
Posted: 26/4/2002
We are not alone! According to newspaper reports, Barrie Jones and Nick Sleep of the UK’s Open University have used computer technology to create mathematical models of planetary systems within our galaxy. Based on the research results to date, Professor Jones says, “There could be at least a billion ‘Earths’ in the Milky Way, and lots more if we find systems like ours, with their giant planets well away from the habitable zones.’ Jones suggests that the planetary system of a star called 47 Ursae Majoris, 51 light years from Earth, would be well worth exploring for signs of life.
If there are a billion or more ‘Earths’ in our galaxy there must be billions and billions more in the Universe as a whole. It is fantastically unlikely that in all this vastness of possibility there is no other life. Any modern account of the universe must surely take account of the idea that there are other populated planets.
  Re: We are not alone (Richard)
Posted: 17/6/2002
The UK’s Guardian newspaper reported more evidence of the possibility of other life in the universe. In an article on June 14th 2002 it was revealed that researchers in California have identified a star with a solar system resembling our sun’s. The article says, ‘It raises hopes once again that astronomers may be able to identify other potential homes for life in the galaxy – or even detect telltale molecules produced by extra-solar life’. Later, the writer comments, ‘Until 1995 the Earth and its eight partners were the only known planets in a galaxy of 100bn stars, in a universe of 100bn galaxies’. In all that vastness, there will surely be billions of inhabited planets and any viable belief system should surely take account of this likely spread of consciousness.
  Re: We are not alone (Trinka)
Posted: 11/9/2002
I am not at all surprised to read about such reports coming from the Guardian or the other sources you mentioned. I sincerely believe and in fact "know" we are not alone. It may be interesting to note that the idea of alone or aloneness is a completely foreign idea with respect to other galaxies existing in the universe. Alone is not within their consciousness as it were. I suppose it comes from the sense of knowing that they are unified with all creation regardless of which galaxy the entity may originate from.

And from this I knowledge I suppose comes a sense of security in that once you truly comprehend your place in the scheme of things you can make soup, bisques, or even clam chowder with the exact same ingredients and it will always taste uniquely different. Viva creativity!

As well you referred to the Milky Way as being a potential zone for life systems similar to those configurations operating within our system. I don't agree that life within the Milky Way would be too very similar to ours. I can't recall where I read it, but as I was engaging in research for my new book "Yes I Know All The Notes There Are and How I Love to Sing Them," I discovered that life on the Milky Way most likely resembles those persons who can easily and as well readily bend silver spoons at will. Imagine a galaxy with a trillion Uri Gellers! Where on earth will the spoons get all the Gellers? LOL

As well we shouldn't underestimate the creative ability of those ultimate laws governing the universe. There are some who refer to these laws as God, Lord or Jehovah. It is conceivable that there may be planets very similar to our earth who are populated by spoons who like to bend Uri Gellers. I know the possibility of such planets existing will be argued however confirmed as highly probable.

Finally in reference to thoughts concerning we are not alone certainly we are not. Most likely there are a series of parallel dimensions co-existing next to our third and so on, above, below and on either side of us. Knowing we are all made of the same stuff and all swimming in the same clam chowder somehow takes the bite out of the unexplanable.

  Re: We are not alone (Trinka)
Posted: 20/9/2002
I've had some time to think a bit more profoundly about the propositions allocated to the theory that "we are not alone." I'm quite sure that we are not. Most people have reconciled themselves to that probability. I wonder what are the thoughts amongst Alphomists regarding how the other beings or entities communicate with the human species if at all.

I'd like to refer to the film "Home Alone". The general audience understands the story on one level and accepts it as being a form of entertainment. However are their various other stories juxtaposed within the general plot? Are some inhabitants of this earth comprehending the various versions of the story according to their consciousness?

eg. The house could be a metaphoric value corresponding to the body and the thieves could be representations for the negative entities which try to steal or possess the house/body. Therefore is the child a mirror for the soul or inner voice which guides one towards eventual victory over such entities etc.

As well aliens can have various types (archetypes) as well. An alien can be in reference to negative thoughts. Therefore if one is abducted by an alien then that may represent the condition of a person who is in fact entrenched in negativity. Does negativity contribute to one's density?

I've tried to offer a few examples of the layering or juxtapositions
within one story. Is it not conceivable that the human body can be a juxtaposition as well. By this I mean, could not the human species be capable of ascensions or transformations corresponding with one's consciousness?

On being Human.

Why would you want to be a human when you can be a God? Why would you limit your beliefs? Is there not a vast unknown waiting to be known?

Certainly we are not alone this is an unlimited universe.

Also perhaps worthy of mention is the belief that one must travel in a spaceship to reach other galaxies. Which is a physical expression of travel. Is this perhaps a misjudgement of the potentials governing travel? One travels according to one's consciousness just as one sets limits upon this species according to one's consciousness.

Finally while we're contemplating the various probabilities regarding the human condition has anyone ever noticed a recurrent theme with respect to human origins? I have noticed within myths and especially within current sci-fi films that possibly humans within the third dimension are an experimental scientific project of sorts. Who or what is experimenting with humans?

I think the above reflections fit within this genre being that metaphysics is the method or dynamic behind the "enlightening" or "illumination" of dense matter. Dense matter? Is there any dense matter here or is that just an illusion coming from limited thinking too?
  Re: We are not alone (Trinka)
Posted: 20/9/2002
I meant to include one other juxtaposition as well. If the earth is partnered with eight other planets, by the way which is all the naked eye can see, perhaps there are 12, 16 or 31 which are invisable but do exist and if those planets form a galaxy surrounded by 100+billion stars some of which may or may not make up the Milky Way then is not each individual a type of "earth" surrounded by an unmeasured or infinite number of stars which may allude to the spiritual or enlightenment which is representative of Christ's star (another archetype for enlightenment) which represents a way out of the darkness known as ignorance?

I absolutely had to include the above example before I took my coffee break and got into another good book. If you think the above is a run on question that's an illusion because the perfect version of that question is still in the MIND.


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