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  Finding a needle in a hay stack. Mark1717
Posted: 12/3/2005
I'm not sure who or what forbid, but in the event of a global "bad luck" nuclear holocaust (which is certainly possible) and every living thing on Earth dies, who and more importantly how, is someone going to find the impression of the time when I was 9 and my dad took me fishing for the first time?. If they get this right, what if the Earth is totally blown into microdust by a huge meteor and my great uncle Walt (who or what bless his soul) was telling his "virtual" family a story, can't remember if I picked up 10,005,324 or 10,005,325 grains of sand when I threw it at my brother at the beach that day.I know that one of those machines will be way over priced, but they will eventually come down I'm sure,and will they fit in a back pack? because I'm really going to try to get in shape in Alphoma
Your site is certainly something to think about. I'm curious to hear the theories of the people who ridicule your theory. Their answers would be the same as the pope's.Who is God? Text book page 1-"God is everywhere and all knowing".Why did the Tsunami kill 300+ thousand people? Page 2-"It's God's way". Page 2a-"God does it for a reason." (remember the one where the parents had hold of their 3 year old baby and an a wave crashed upon them and they could not maintain the grip that would have crushed a bowling ball.Did that baby just got away from them like a bad slider in the dirt? Is that "bad luck" ? A rapist/murder gets out of jail in just 5 years."Good luck" for him. Our society has a long way to go before it can shake hands with ET. UFO's are not bullshit and our society would have been well adapted and much more evolved within almost 60 years (Roswell, NM circa 1947) to the idea of "others" and allowed to advance our civilization if we were not considered idiots by our government.Shame on those idiots.
  Re: Finding a needle in a hay stack. Richard
Posted: 15/3/2005

Thanks for your comments. I agree that it would be interesting to read alternative theories - it was one of things I hoped would happen when I set up the site.

As to the question about how the creators of Alphoma will know the detail of our lives I propose the following answer.

It seems sure that everything which happens in the universe is caused, either by physical forces or by efforts of will, and every event has many causal impacts on other parts of the universal system. No matter how tiny are the fragments following a nuclear explosion each of the fragments has a causal history. Our distant successors will be able to depict the causal history of the entire universe; the vast chain of causes from the beginning of time will be made accessible.

There is another, related, point. One of the predictions of Alphomism is that energy which has been part of an organised structure is different from energy which has not been part of an organised structure.Admittedly there is no experimental evidence of this as yet, nor do we yet have the techniques to do the experiments but we surely will. And if energy is permanently changed by its history then this will provide another route to the solving of the universal jigsaw puzzle.

Hope this helps and thanks again.



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