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  Stay in the game. Mark1717
Posted: 23/3/2005
I read alot of the topics and responses in this very thought provoking subject. What alot of these responses fail to consider, is that just fifty plus years ago the transister was invented. Now millions of them fit on a wafer the size of the origional one. A simple calculator's "inner workings" took up the size of the average living room (when the government decided to fund research for the ability of its new machine to calculate the thirteen times tables and beyond, the employee bathroom was converted to allocate more memory space; hence the "out-house".(sorry, it's all I had)). A mountain only moves fractions of an inch in thousands of years. The point is, that who knows what new revolations of science we will discover in the next fifty years, let alone a thousand. Hopefully the "Willy-Wonka" 7-course meal gum will get the government funding over the "Star-Trek" transporter (I'm sorry for using this forum for selfish reasons). People are debating within this forum using the ammunition of our current understanding of physics. Part of your theory suggests that some group of our future relatives will find a way to capture every event that ever occurred. Not tomorrow. That advancement of thinking will make Einstein's theory a subject that will be taught to kindergarden children before the A,B,C s.(As long as we're into to "heavy", ponder that) How can that much information and technology can be taught to our future generations unless they shorten summer vacation? I may change my attention to Http:\\
Does anyone remember laughter? No matter what is out there, morality is instinctive and it is the coolist feeling to touch someone with words of kindness or making someone laugh. Life is tragic.The funny memories of going to the amusement park or the awesome week long vacation at Ocean City only vividly stays with us for alittle while. But if your best friend dies or September 11, 2001 occurs, it stays with us and we think about it all the time until the day we die. Wondering where we came from makes us want more then this. Love rules.
  Re: Stay in the game. Richard
Posted: 25/3/2005

Many thanks for your comments. You are absolutely right about the astonishing progress of technology and I agree with you that there are untold wonders yet to come. With good management these will lead to much easier learning for children who can then have their summer vacations lengthened rather than shortened!

As for 'love rules' - I'm sure that ultimately it does!

Thanks again.



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