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Rule of Law

Alphomism holds that we should all be working, bonded by love and in pursuit of truth, to bring the creation of Alphoma ever closer. For this to happen, we need stable societies.

Given that each of us has our own set of priorities, and that our aims often clash with those of others, we need a set of generally agreed rules to circumvent, and sometimes deal with, conflicts of interest. Sometimes these rules have been used to control the private lives of citizens but this, for the Alphomist, is not necessary. The rules should be devised purely for ensuring the good order of society.

If all humans had reached the point where destructiveness was eliminated from their nature, they would follow the agreed rules willingly. But of course this ideal is a long way off. People disregard the needs of their fellow citizens, sometimes through lack of self control but sometimes purely for the sake of perceived self-interest.

As a result of this imperfection, there have to be sanctions designed to deter law-breakers. Those apprehended have to go through a process of justice whereby the sanctions will be fairly applied. Sometimes the sanctions involve removing individuals from general society in order to protect other citizens.

Traditionally, legal sanctions have been seen as having two major functions in addition to deterrence and protection. They are supposed to somehow ‘cancel out’ the hurt of the offence through a process of retribution and they are intended to reform the malefactor into a law-abiding citizen.

Neither of these should be associated with legal processes. Sanctions should be seen only as penalties, not punishment.



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