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At its best, sex is a massively powerful way for humans to express love, for themselves and for others. Sometimes in sexual union people have sublime insights into the nature of the Alphoma unity. For as long as sexual activity is guided by love, it is to be treasured and cultivated.

At a lesser level, sex provides also a highly enjoyable series of sensations. This is entirely acceptable provided that there is no unloving exploitation of those who, through age, mental impairment, economic circumstances, power relationships or any other factors, are not fully aware, or in control, of what they are doing.

These parameters apply whether the sexual interaction is between members of the opposite or same sex and whatever the numbers of people involved.

Unfortunately, many conventional moralities have generated rules and taboos about sex that are not appropriate to the modern age. Most people acquire, largely through psychological conditioning in childhood, fantasies and fetishes about sex. For as long as these are not expressed in the exploitation of others, they can provide a very acceptable bonus in sexual interactions.

Provided that no injury is done to others, individuals should be free to express their sexual natures in whatever manner they choose. They should use the rational approach to morality to free themselves of the burdens of inappropriate shame and guilt which so often, through an inappropriate conditioning process, attach themselves to sexual behaviour.



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