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Moral Imperatives

The evolutionary process is aimed towards the creation of Alphoma. For this to be achieved we need:

     1. To have discovered everything there is to know about the universe.

      2. To have developed an irresistible cohesive force

Discovering everything entails a strict focus on truth and the cohesive force will not be gravity but love.

The Alphomist should, therefore, act generally to maximise truth and love. This applies to our self development as well as our dealings with others. However, because the binding process is essential to the creation of Alphoma, we must give more emphasis to the love of others than we do to love of self.

There are times when love and truth come into conflict. Sometimes it is an unloving act to be candid.

The Alphomist answer to this dilemma is to note that in the end, everything will be known. The evolutionary priority surely has to be the generation of the binding force. Therefore where there is a conflict between love and truth, love must generally prevail. There are, of course, many occasions when the most loving act is to say or do something hurtful. In each case we must honestly weigh our motives and assess the likely consequences of our actions.

Alphomism provides a moral method rather than a rigid set of rules. However, it makes sense to generate guidelines to save having to think every case through from first principles. Some examples of this use of the method are given below.

 • Theft
 • Violence
 • Suicide
 • Sex
 • Contraception
 • Euthanasia
 • Abortion



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