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How will Alphoma be created?

By the time that Alphoma is being designed, the creation of self-consciousness will no longer depend on mating and birth processes. There will still be individuals but they will be planned and nurtured so as to eliminate disease and mental misery. Life spans will be indefinitely long and the main, perhaps the only, cause of death will be suicide. Individuals will be schooled to understand that their interests can best be met by promoting the interests of all.

Through the development of virtual reality devices there will be the potential for the creation of perfect lives but our successors will be fully aware that for as long as energy remains fragmented, there can be no guarantee of safety. Final peace will come only when the entire stock of energy is drawn into one self-sustaining ball.

For the creation of Alphoma, our successors will need mental raw material. The energy stock of the universe has to be spun, as it were, from straw into gold. Without a huge assembly of conscious individuals the system would not be self-sustaining. The accumulated, concerted will power is necessary for the final atom to subsist.

Without other considerations, the simplest solution would be to create billions of tailor-made individuals, all of them ready to enter Alphoma. But the energy with which the designers will be working is not new. All of it will have been changed over and over again through the evolutionary process. The encrypted history of energy will have to be incorporated into Alphoma, otherwise the ‘solution’ will not contain everything in the universe. Unless every piece is slotted into place, the jig-saw will not be properly reassembled.

For their mental raw material, therefore, the Alphoma technologists will set about the virtual regeneration of every entity that has existed. This may sound an impossible task but only two factors are requisite.

In the first place, our successors will have to have complete access to history. They will have this because the universe is a massive web of causal links. Every action, whether determined by nature or effected through will power, has effects. The Alphoma designers will be able to build their absolute picture which will show each happening.

The second factor will also be well within their grasp. In order to regenerate an individual, the designers need only to reproduce the mapped memories and psychological traits of that person.

The Alphoma architects will not in any way regret that the work has to be done. In the first place, the history map will finally satisfy the human drive of curiosity. Secondly, they will be impelled by love. By then they will know, in vivid detail, the agonies of pain and loneliness which billions upon billions of their predecessors suffered. They will know that such suffering was part of the process which helped the universe towards its perfect ending and they will want everyone to share in the ultimate bliss.

When the research and the planning is complete, the process of resurrection will begin.

For each of us, though we have been dead for aeons, there will be no gap between cessation of our time-based life and the moment of our re-creation. From our perspective, we die and then, ‘instantly’, we are aware of the new existence. But we will not be in paradise.

It might be suggested that the regenerators could do us all a favour and, in the detail of the design of our reconstructed selves, build in a readiness to join with everyone else in the unity of Alphoma. But if they make any changes, we would not be ourselves and the requisite to be true to history would not have been met.

Each of us, by time of our death, will have reached a point of self-development and understanding. We will need to go through a process of education and change before we are ready to be incorporated into the final solution. Because the bliss-state will be tantalisingly close, there will, unavoidably, be a last unease as we come to understand our place in history and realise what we have to do to prepare ourselves for the fantastic moment of final release.

In preparation for timelessness, our resurrected selves will be ageless. All of our life events will be accessible but we will not see ourselves as old or young.

Although this last journey will not be blissful, we will make it very gladly knowing that at the end of our road is the timeless state of overwhelming contentment.

When everything is ready, we will fold ourselves and everything else in the universe, into the Alphoma ball. Probably the condensation will take place, like the Big Bang, in a glorious rush. Space will accordingly contract and all that exists will be Alphoma.



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