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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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What will life in Alphoma be like?

From the purely physical point of view, Alphoma will be a seamless aggregation of all energy. However, for the experience to have any meaning for us we must retain our identities. With this imperative, it is easiest to think of each sentient creature as having a particular fragment of the energy mass as their physical base.

Probably, though, this will not be so. There are some brain functions which seem to be not place-specific. Some mental powers seem to persist, albeit in a weakened form, even after radical surgery. More than likely, Alphoma will physically be like a vast and complex brain. Each one of us will have total access to its fantastic power without detracting in any way from the potency of anybody else.

Regardless of underlying energy arrangements, each one of us will be aware of our historical identity and will have total freedom to do anything we please. Just what this will actually entail is a matter for speculation. In the matter of the mental we are primitives. Through the arts, music particularly, occasionally through intense human interaction, especially in love-making, we gain the tiniest of insights into paradise. Our circumscribed minds cannot begin to grasp the detail of what it will be like to be the holder of total power.

The best we can do, perhaps, like our forebears who had to cast their theories in the homely terms of family life, is express Alphoma life in the language of our times.

We will be able to fulfil our heart’s desires.

We will be free live in the most idyllic villa by a perfect sea and enjoy the finest food. We can have ‘apparent people’ or machines or whatever to attend to our slightest whim. We can be any age we choose, have any physique. Simply by making the decision we can change any aspect of our lives. We could move, for example, to a mountain lodge or a glittering palace.

Available to us, as a picture show or as something we can experience through virtuality, will be the entire history of the universe. Every event on every planet will be recorded and replayable in as real a fashion as we wish.

We will, without ceding power, be able to interact with real individuals, not in time- based, place-bound circumstances but in the modes we choose. One may be deep in a tropical jungle, the other perhaps in the heart of a fantastic city; the surroundings will be according to choice, the virtual actions of each individual appropriate, but the essence of individuality will persist.

There will be no wearisome, indeed terrifying, sense of things going on ‘for ever’, because time will be not our ruler but our servant.



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