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Is there such a thing as 'fate'?

It is not uncommon for individuals to have an inkling that something was ‘meant to be’. The fact that the notion of fate has persisted so strongly suggests that it is significant.

The implication is that the designers of Nature built in two types of force, a strong set (the laws of nature) and a weak set. Both sets are essential for the pushing of evolution in the direction of energy re-convergence.

An analogy, imperfect as always, is perhaps the clearest way of expressing the notion of fate in relation to everyday lives.

The picture is of individuals making voyages in small dinghies. Some of the forces impacting on the vessel are irresistible. A strong tide or a ferocious wind can totally determine the fate of a particular craft. But some, such as a weak current or a light breeze, can offer choices. Should the individual run with the wind for a while or should they put hands to the oars and aim resolutely for their chosen destination?

Each of us is somewhere in the sea of existence. Sometimes we allow the light breeze to blow us along and, instead of reaching our intended destination, we come to somewhere unexpected. There is, for us, the tricky business of deciding whether we need to take control or sit back and see where fate might take us.

Very likely the weak forces are physically manifest in the apparently ‘random’ movements of nuclear particles. They can be seen, perhaps, as the expression of an underlying common will. Whereas the laws of nature produce predictable outcomes, the weak forces give us only probabilities. And, just as in terms of biological evolution a mutation survives or it does not, so it is in life choices. We can’t always know whether a weak force is pushing in a positive direction but given that the overall trend is positive it seems wise sometimes to allow ourselves a degree of cooperation with the promptings of fate.



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