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What infomation about the universe can be gathered purely from thinking?

According to current science, a large proportion of genetic material seems to have no purpose. It is, in the scientists’ terminology, ‘junk’. Alphomism maintains that this ‘rubbish’ very likely contains encoded fragments of information. Almost certainly, this information helps to steer the evolutionary process but it also provides us with a research source. Indeed, the good question, ‘Where do ideas come from?’ can be answered by saying that they originate from our inherited store which can usually be accessed only by hard mental work.

It is suggested that as the evolutionary process creates ever more complex structures, the puzzle fragments created by the Big Bang begin to slot together. Some individuals, religious leaders, scientists and artists for example, have more felicitously arranged fragments than others. They have access to more of the picture. Through preaching, research and creative output, they lay out their broader picture for the benefit of the rest of us.

In support of this fairly extravagant claim is the fact that there have been people, of both sexes, from diverse cultures and in many ages, who have cut themselves off from the physical world and spent almost all of their energies on an exploration of the interior. Eating and drinking the absolute minimum, shutting off their senses against heat and cold, they filled hour after hour with meditation. They are known as mystics.

They were people who sensed that they had access to some particularly interesting fragments of the universal picture. Finding the way through all the confused piles of obscuring matter was easy for none of them but they all, separately and without any possibility of collaboration, ended with more or less the same vision as to what the culmination of life will be.

In the end, they reported, there is a massive, love-bonded unity of beings. And in that same end, each one of us is God.

For the Alphomist, the mystics are the brave explorers of the interior world. Putting their physical welfare aside, and perhaps risking their mental health, they excavated ever deeper. The Alphomist view is that their discoveries are largely true. They used the word ‘eternity’ rather than ‘timelessness,’ but they surely won for themselves glimpses of that unearthly state.



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