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Does the Alphoma-nature cycle repeat itself?

It might seem that there are two possible interpretations of this question.

It could be suggested that precisely the same cycle recurs indefinitely. The primal atom explodes, history repeats itself in every detail and Alphoma is created. But if the repeats are identical we have no way of distinguishing one from the other. From the timeless Alphoma perspective, the evolutionary phase of Nature is like a static structure; any aspect of it can be examined at will. For us in the temporal phase, an identical repeat of our lives has no meaning.

On the other interpretation, there could conceivably be repeated explosions of the primal atom followed by different chains of history which, through the underpinning processes of causation and ‘steered’ evolution, lead to the inevitable conclusion.

If this, in fact, happens, then it is sure that we as discrete individuals, play a part in only one cycle. Our identity is determined by a complex mixture of physical and mental characteristics. A different cycle could not, by definition, reproduce the same complexes.

Overall, the chances of there being repeat cycles seem small. It is extremely difficult to imagine why there would be more than one process and until there is some evidence of repetition there is no point in detailed speculation about it.



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