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If the earth is dispensable, what is the point in struggling to advance?

The first consideration is that, even if the Earth is smashed to tiny pieces, nothing that we have achieved will be irretrievably lost. The universal process is a chain of causes and effects. Even in the chaos of massive explosions there are interactions which follow fixed patterns. It is well beyond our ability, at this stage, to reconstruct a picture from the debris but one day this will be possible. Intelligent beings, whether of Earthly ancestry or not, will be able to trace the map of our history and reap the benefits of our productivity.

There is also the consideration that light travels from the Earth. There is a huge wealth of information in the energy that spreads out from our small but brilliant sphere. Others will be able to interpret this information and to make good use of all that we have achieved.

The second component to this answer comes in the form of a prediction.

Alphomism predicts that energy which has been organised via an act of will is very slightly, though permanently, changed by that process. A statue, a motor car engine, a piece of paper that is written on; the energy from which they are made becomes upgraded. One day we will have instruments sufficiently sensitive to measure these changes.

Energy which has been organised by conscious beings is, through this process, made more malleable for future users. The universe is a giant factory producing consciousness which in turn nudges energy towards a more amenable condition.

If this prediction is true, it is worth the while of anyone at any time and in any place putting their creative stamp on the environment. A destroyer can demolish structures and burn works of art but the image of those higher-level constructions is forever implanted. Nothing is ultimately lost.



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