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What sense can we make of timelessness?

The physical definition of a timeless world is; ‘an arrangement of energy that has no discontinuity’. This can be readily realised in the mind by picturing a series of discontinuous events and juxtaposing it against the opposite notion of a seamless band.

There are subjective pointers, too.

Many people claim to have had paradoxical experiences which they call ‘timeless moments’. Very often these occur whilst listening to music, contemplating a work of art or being immersed in a beautiful natural scene.

But there is a more everyday phenomenon with which many will be familiar.

Sometimes we dream a complex sequence which seems to take hours or even days which leads to, and somehow ‘explains’, a particular noise or other sensation. The real event wakes us. It is happening, or has just happened, yet we have the firm notion that the dream long preceded it.

Presumably the neurological brain event which corresponds to the dream occurs ‘in a flash’ but from a mental point of view it is in a totally different time perspective.

This gives us just an inkling of the way that the timelessness of Alphoma will be independent of the workings of the physical substratum.

Timelessness is, in fact, a much friendlier notion that the incomprehensible ‘eternity’. Even those with a profound religious faith, who look forward to ‘praising god for ever’ sometimes shudder at the prospect of endlessness. Controllable time is a much more acceptable notion.



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