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Why could there not have been unchanging happiness?

One of the several difficulties faced by religious theories of the universe is that an all-powerful, totally benign god would surely not have created a system which generates so much suffering. The attempts to explain our sorry state by reference to free will and a fall from grace are not very convincing. The question still remains; would it not have been better for the all-seeing god, who was perfectly happy anyway, to leave well alone?

In Alphomism, there is no choice in the matter. The universe is as it is and the logic of the system explains why there has to be suffering. The two phases of the system, Alphoma and Nature, are mutually dependent. The paradise is a virtual one. All of us enjoy there the ultimate in bliss but we do so only because the Nature phase of the system provides us with the mental raw materials. Virtual reality feeds off actual reality in two ways.

Firstly, if there were no fragmentation of energy, there would be no ‘opposites’, such as light/dark, positive/negative. Without these contrasts there could be no basis for meaning. All of our thinking about actual reality is dependent on these polarities. Without the existence, at least somewhere and sometime, of pain, ‘pleasure’ can have no meaning. Without agony, there can be no bliss.

Secondly, Alphoma needs billions of individuals in order to be able to convert physical activity into mental. The time-based creatures become the sentient raw material for the process of conversion. Without love as the cohesive force, and willpower to produce the essential energy, Alphoma cannot be. All of us individuals provide these forces. We are not a whim of a lonely god; we are essential to the process.



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