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Alpha/Omega – which came first?

We are creatures of linearity, our strong impulse is to think in terms of cause and effect. But the only viable way to construe the universe is as a complete self-contained system where questions of precedence are irrelevant.

A useful device is to imagine Alphoma as a lake. At one extreme, water pours violently out of a huge drain and cascades down mountainous rocks until it spreads into a turbulent river. Along its course, the waterway becomes less precipitous and begins to run more smoothly. It would just run away and eventually empty the lake except that at some stage on its journey it reaches pumps which lift it upwards. Becoming ever more broad and tranquil, the pumped flow enters the lake and brings the system into equilibrium

Imagine that the circulating water always follows precisely the same route, down to the tiniest sprays and splashings. Imagine also that the currents in the lake are such that there is a body of liquid in the middle which never moves. Let us suppose that individual drops are conscious beings. A creature in the unmoving part will be aware of its ‘perpetual’ surroundings whereas a drop in the stream knows only its brief moment of existence before it perishes on a rock to be replaced by new entities.

From the point of view of the static creature, the system is a closed one. Gravity causes the falling of the water, the pumps cause the rising, the lake persists. There is no first and last, the system is simply as it is. If asked to decide whether the pumps cause the lake which makes the out-pouring possible or whether, on the other hand, the hole in the base of the lake is the prime mover of the system, the static entity would have no way of saying. Indeed, being unmoving, the concept of time, and therefore precedence, would be unreal to it.



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