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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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God is for many the ultimate supernatural, the maker of nature and its guarantor. People from all parts of the world and at all times have had a strong sense of a god or gods. It is a notion not to be lightly dismissed.

‘God’ is normally used to refer to a being who can intervene in the workings of the world, who lays down certain standards of behaviour, who ultimately judges, who expects to be worshipped by humans and who possesses all knowledge and all power.

It will be obvious that Alphomism does not support the idea of such a god but it nevertheless provides an account as to why people feel so positively about the idea of a supreme being. Alphoma is a state of total knowledge and the Omega designers set up the parameters for the operation of the temporal phase. The idea that omniscience and omnipotence are real states is, therefore, true.

The difference is that in Alphomism, the state of totality ceased to exist with the Big Bang. It has no continuing executive power. There is nothing to worship, no divine being to please, no recipient of prayer, no guarantor of daily justice, no judge and, mercifully, no condemnation to Hell.

The fact that people have imbued the deity with executive power is explained by pointing out that the early thinkers had extremely little on which to base their theory. The nearest analogy they had was that of parenthood. It seems entirely natural to extend the particular to the general and to characterise the deity as a mother or father. So much was mysterious to our ancestors that it is no wonder that they concluded that an almighty god created the universe.



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