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Near Death Experiences

Many people who have been very close to death claim to have had unusual experiences. As with ghostly encounters, there are too many of these reports for them to be dismissed. Generally people say that they glimpsed an idyllic state but then came to realise that they had to go back, because their work was not completed.

But how, if Alphoma does not actually exist during the temporal phase of the universe, can there be any inkling of a life beyond the one we know?

The Alphomist answer is that there is a mass of information in the unconscious part of the brain to which we normally have very little access. The partially re-organised fragments of the primal atom contain significant chunks of the full picture. The reason that we cannot normally log into this data is that our primary concern, quite rightly, is survival. Our task, as it were, is to deal with the physical universe. We will make greater use of the inner store in the fullness of time.

The proposition is that as the bodily functions and life-preoccupations shut down, people close to death become something like the mystics; they gain much greater access to the inner store. The ‘noise’ of reality is largely turned off. They glimpse Alphoma but they also perceive that their lives have some time yet to run. It is a very natural response for such people to account for such insights by claiming that they heard a voice telling them that there was yet more to do.



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