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Alphomism - a belief system for our times.
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Closely associated with a belief in the supernatural are rituals such as those which are used for weddings and funerals.

Most who have attended such ceremonies will be aware of their potency. Weddings can generate huge quantities of love and joy. Funerals allow the discharge of otherwise unbearable measures of grief.

The abandonment of the notion of a god by no means entails the loss of ritual. The power of such gatherings comes entirely from the uniting of subtle human powers. Alphomists can devise their own forms of ceremony for making commitments, welcoming a new child, saying goodbye to someone who has died and for all the other occasions of human sorrow and joy.

There is also no reason whatsoever for an Alphomist to shun religious buildings. If it is true, as claimed, that our surroundings are subtly changed by events, then churches are in general sure to have benign atmospheres for the staging of life’s rituals.



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